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ATTENTION!! Drill Sergeant Mom

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching this Sunday we are in no shortage of fun cards to make Mom feel special on her day. In our newest Mother’s Day eCard, Drill Sergeant Mom, we see a cartoon mom singing her way through a day of keeping her house together. It is animated, but did you know we actually photograph […]

Swinging into Spring!

Spring has officially sprung & the Easter holiday is this weekend! Of course that means another fun Starring You dance that will give you moves you didn’t even realize you had! Last year we brought you a 50s themed do-wopping dance and this year we were lucky enough to work with some amazing professional swing dancers […]

Magical Brew Animatic

Now that you learned more about the song writer for our new St. Patrick’s Day Starring You video, Magical Brew, take a look at the animatic used in the early creation process. In case you are unfamiliar an animatic is where we take the visual gags and ideas and start to lay them out into a timeline […]

Behind the Scenes of Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe

After racking our brains for romantic locations for our new Starring You Valentine’s Day eCard, we decided what better place to bring a date than a roller skating rink. We scouted around Los Angeles and found Moonlight Rollerway, a classic rink with some disco flare. Not only did we have the chance to get away from the […]

Year in Review Puppet Charity Auction

After creating awesome Starring You and Year in Review videos both the office and studio tend to accumulate lots of art and props. This year we wanted to share our creations with you, our fans, and raise money for a great cause, so we decided to auction the famous puppets from our 2011 Year in Review video “2011, […]

Behind the Scenes: Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Did you send Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree this past holiday season?  We saw a couple of famous names (Coldplay, Jillian Michaels) share their versions on Twitter! To take a closer look into the production of this popular video we chatted with Anthony our technical director to see what lengths he went to combining live […]

Making of Winter Wonderland

JibJab’s rocking version of the Christmas classic, Winter Wonderland, is sure to get even Scrooge on his feet dancing. But figuring out how to imagine the penguin’s band and their stage was tough. We spoke with character and background designer, Justin, who gave us the inside scoop of how he picked these waddling rock stars […]

Behind The Scenes of The Buttcracker

We broke wind with our new holiday card, The Buttcracker. Ours though was not choreographed on a stage at all, but instead all the characters were molded, shaped and positioned by hand, bringing it to life! We got a chance to talk with Jeff, the lead artist on the project. Here is what he had to say… […]

Inside JibJab: Production Meeting

JibJab’s hilarious eCards and enchanting children’s books take a lot of thought, time and planning. Not only do we have brainstorming meetings, draw storyboards and research for inspiration, we also have a weekly production meeting to keep the team up to speed on what is going on. We share breakfast, motivation and a few laughs. […]

Need A Halloween Costume Idea?

With Halloween quickly approaching many of us have found ourselves scrambling to find the perfect costume. Whether you go old school as a ghost or something topical like Charlie Sheen, thinking of something to impress fellow trick-or-treaters is sometimes a terrifying haunt. If you find yourself in a fright, here are a few ideas from JibJab that […]

Behind the Scenes of Super Freak

While filming Super Freak, we had to get super creative! The storyboards called for a lot of scenes involving specific movements, such as walking up a flight of stairs or falling down a trap door chute. At first this was a bit of a challenge, but once we got our creative juices flowing, the solutions […]

Meet the Dancers – German Polka!

As much as our team loves to dress up in costume and dance in front of the camera, for our new German Polka video we knew we had to hire the real deal. At first the task was a bit daunting. How would we find genuine German Polka dancers here in Los Angeles? Luckily after […]


Girls giggling behind the studio door, five tear-off pants lined up on the wardrobe rack, the hit single “Da Dip” playing in the background…this can only mean one thing: The Chippendales have come to JibJab! We were lucky enough to spend a day with five Chippendales dancers who flew in straight from Las Vegas to […]

Star Spangled Rock!

Our new Fourth of July video is an homage to the great American rock stars of the 60s and 70s. With groovy guitar playing and Woodstock-appropriate apparel, this piece has us ready to rock out with our patriotism out! But before we do that, here’s a quick peek at how Anthony and Jeff filmed those […]

Big Daddy Dynamite

We’ve been jonesing over our latest 1970s-inspired Father’s Day eCard. This Blaxploitation parody had us laughing throughout the whole production process, even back when the video was nothing but a series of video clips with grainy voiceover. Check out this early version of Big Daddy Dynamite, complete with empty scenes and a temporary voice track, […]


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