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Kazoo Guy Does 4th of July!

You’re a Grand Old Flag is our first of six kazoo videos releasing this year, and dang is it fun! We found Mister Tim, the talented gentlemen starring in the video, on the interwebs, where he became famous for his rocking rendition of Enter Sandman. Yes, that’s all the same guy, and yes, he really […]

The Rap on Dad

Father’s Day is looming this weekend and we’ve reacted accordingly by updating our library of eCards with new stills and videos galore.  Among the coolest new cards we’ve debuted this week is Dad Rap, a poppin tribute to pop that puts the ‘hood’ back in ‘fatherhood’.  Fun fact: that bling? It’s wooden. Hey, it’s not […]

Heads Up! One Month Till Valentine’s Day!

It’s one month’s time until Valentine’s Day, and while we won’t be launching our newest JibJab Valentine’s Day cards until February, now is the time to order hard good gifts in order for delivery by Feb the 14th.  Ready to avoid the lameness of stopping by the drug store the day before and picking out […]

Chopped Tree Footage

Our first idea for our Tree Slaughter video was a bit more heavy on the “slaughter” than a season’s greeting needed to be. We toned it down, but the original will live forever in our minds (and on this blog!).  Warning, the following lumberjack attack is for mature audiences only.


This weekend marks the start of Hanukkah! Huzzah!  And with the season, we get another amazing music video from for JibJab friend and collaborator Eric Schwartz aka Smooth-E! Check out his latest Jewish jam “Honkia Electronica” below! Got a hankerin’ for more Hanukkah stuff? Check out our collection of Hanukkah eCards here. Want more Smooth-E? […]

Christmas Carol Concepts

We’ve posted another Facebook album full of art on our … Facebook.  This time we chronicled the dickens out of our Charles Dickens masterpiece, A Christmas Carol!  Click on to see a story of Christmas past!

Our RagTag Christmas Tree

We busted the old tree out of the box this week, adorning her with candy canes, ElfYourself ornaments and the occasional Nasty Santa doll left over from a few years back.  For a star, we made good use of a JibJab beanie cap with a dart stuck on it.  That’s just how we roll here.  […]

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out Wallpapers!

As we like to do after releasing new projects, we’re making a few of our backgrounds available for your desktop background!  Just click any of these backgrounds from You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out and you’ll get a massive, free image to right click and set as a festive holiday wallpaper!

A Feast of Features

Big shout outs to our friends at MySpace, MetaCafe, Yahoo Butterfinger Network and Daily Motion who rocked our world with front page features yesterday in honor of Thanksgiving! While you enjoy your food coma this weekend, click the above links for their comedy sections, recommended by us! We may be a day late on giving […]

A Flock of Turkeys

When designing a character that gets as much screen time as the turkey from Be Thankful, we go through many concepts and renditions. Check out our new Facebook album full of fowls that could have been!

An Avalanche of Holiday Stuff Has Gone Live!

A lot of blood, sweat, tears and holiday cheer went into delivering this, a mind boggling amount of holiday content! We’ll be highlighting these pieces and the late nights that went into creating them as we plow through the next few months, but for now, check out our filtering system for the holidays, which will […]

A Heaping Helping of JibJab

While everyone is finding their inner elves via ElfYourself, we wanted to make sure that the new Thanksgiving art and animations our team designed for 2009 don’t go unnoticed! Last year we were so busy, we didn’t get to launch any postables, so we made up for it this year with some instant classics. From […]

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

A teaser is ticking away over on a certain website. They’re coming…

A Count you can Count on

As Monster Mash soars over 7 million views, we continue to look behind the scenes.  Its probably just as fun for us to act in Starring You videos as it is for our fans to cast their faces on the site.  We’re lucky enough to have a staff full of goofballs who added quite a […]

Happy 4th of July!

The site is abuzz with plenty of fun new Starring You pieces for the 4th of July and we think the best way to show off some of our all-American artwork is by casting various commander-in-chiefs.  Enjoy our Independence Day selection and have a safe and happy 4th of July!


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