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JibJab knows how to ROCK

Once a game gets rolling at JibJab people come out of the woodwork to rock their FACES OFF.  On Friday we enjoyed a jam before the weekend set in, behold our glorious ROCK.

Embarking Upon the JibJab Collegiate Tour

And he’s off!  Today marks the first day of Evan’s big North American college tour, as he prepares to embark on a massive journey, hitting art schools from Florida to Canada all April long in search of fresh talent!  Ringling, Tisch, Temple, RISD, Sheridan, CalArts… no school is safe from his scouting.  Thus, if you’re […]

Jim Meskimen is the MeskiMAN!

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself “who does those kickass Bush and McCain voices for JibJab?”, your wondering days are over.  Meet Jim Meskimen, voice-over guy extraordinaire.  Jim is the voice behind some of our biggest hits, including but not limited to This Land and Time for Some Campaignin’.  Beyond that he’s given us the […]


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