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Behind the Scenes – Walking on Sunshine!

Walking on Sunshine, our latest Starring You video, is sure to be the feel good hit of the summer. We started production in winter, but luckily JibJab is located a block away from Venice Beach in sunny Los Angeles where it’s pretty much summer all year round! We started with the song choice and a […]

Cast Yourself in The Loan Ranger!

Throughout the season, we’ve been releasing our own versions of the summer’s blockbuster movie posters. Naturally, we couldn’t resist getting a little punny. After all, who wouldn’t want to see The Great Catsby? The addition of a single cat makes the movie 100% more watchable. Of course, who could forget about the man with a […]

New eCard – Cocktail Time

What do you get when you mix fun, good times and laughs? A birthday with a kick! Our newest eCard, Cocktail Time, features one bar tender who knows how to mix up a good time.  We spoke with Rob Bryson to find out a little more about the man behind the bar, er, eCard. Have […]

New eCard – Sign Spinner Birthday

Have you ever seen a person flipping and spinning signs advertising things like ‘We Buy Gold’ or ‘$5 Pizza’ on busy street corners? In our new birthday eCard, Sign Spinner Birthday, the spin artist let’s everyone know it’s their birthday! We got to talk with SurfMonkey a bit about filming this new Starring You eCard. 1) Where did […]

Behind the Scenes: Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Did you send Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree this past holiday season?  We saw a couple of famous names (Coldplay, Jillian Michaels) share their versions on Twitter! To take a closer look into the production of this popular video we chatted with Anthony our technical director to see what lengths he went to combining live […]

5 Versions!?!

We set out to make make FIVE SEPARATE versions of every holiday piece we produced this year, which was a massive challenge.  Why so many versions of each video?  For casting we wanted to let people choose between a video featuring anywhere between 1-5 folks, meaning different layouts, grouping and shots for every incarnation.  While […]

JibJab and Facebook Permissions

For those of you connecting your JibJab account to Facebook in order to access photos and post to walls, Facebook is now taking steps to make privacy setting simpler to control.  Read more their article about what is changing on the Facebook Developers Blog.  We’re excited to be part of a fun, but safe network […]

Thats a Wrap Chart!

We have a big ol’ whiteboard up in our studio that lets everyone know what date we need to aim for when wrapping animation on projects. Usually, taking a photo of this board would be giving away many months worth of stuff, but since we’re launching all of our new Valentine’s Day videos this Tuesday, […]

Meet Me In “This Land”

Our central meeting room is nick named “This Land”, for reasons we shouldn’t have to explain if you’re reading this blog.  It must see at least four or five meetings a day, be it tech brain storming, laying out the calendar for the months ahead or going over scripts with tweaks.  Mostly though, it sees […]

“Be Thankful” Animatics

Digging around our library to find turkey sketches yesterday, we also stumbled across these early animatics for “Be Thankful”. Watch these and get a great idea of the evolution our animations go through. And of course, compare these to the final product here…

Daily Scrum

When we’re developing new technologies, schedules move fast and change often.  That’s why our tech team rounds up once daily for a scrum meeting, a simple way of letting everyone know what has been accomplished, what is on the plate for the day and what hurdles may be in their way.  Having a daily development […]

Our Intricate Tree Set

Anyone who has thoroughly perused JibJab has probably noticed our intricate stop-motion animations.  There have been an array of amazing clay creatures seen on our site and this week we’ve been breathing life into this quirky little pine tree using the infamous frame by frame capture process.  It’s mind meltingly tedious work, but the end […]

A Few Good Causes

What’s with this blog?  It’s always us, us, us!  Today we want to turn the focus to a few causes that we’ve supported in the past and want to share for people to support through the future!  First up is Dallas Clayton’s children’s literacy project, the Awesome World Foundation.  Dallas is a JibJab friend who […]

And the Winner Is…

Our Soul Train contest was won by Kevin Lo, who made a funky Soul Train video starring his kids and amassed 100 people to press the “like” button on his Facebook wall. We think you’ll agree that it’s completely deserving of the win. Kevin will be receiving the package of prizes which we announced earlier […]

Feeling Sporty

With the fall season underway, we’re doing our part to get our Sports section filled up.  Our disgustingly dope design team came up with three sports stills this week, with a few more on the way (racing anyone?).  Check them out, especially the boxing one.  It features our marvelous new black eye technology!


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