The Great American Dance Off

Election day is quickly approaching & we are really jazzed up about it!  So much so that we decided to make a Starring You app that let’s you get jiggy with the presidential candidates. Pick Mitt Romney or Barack Obama to be your dance partner in the Great American Dance Off…or you can even nominate yourself!

Since Mitt and Obama are a tad bit busy on the campaign trail we had 2 of our artists, Lauren and Jeff, step in as body doubles. Check out this fun behind the scenes video of them busting out some sweet moves.

Pick our next President in the Great American Dance Off today!

New eCard – Cakezilla

What is brown, larger than sky scrapers and enjoys eating cake? Cakezilla! In our newest birthday eCard we see this building busting, cake destroying beast wreak havoc on a tasty birthday treat. We got to talk more with Anna Bron about the woman behind the monster.

-Where did you go to school?

I went to Sheridan College, in Ontario, Canada.

-Did you watch old Godzilla movies for inspiration?

I looked up reference photos from the films, but also other Godzilla interpretations.

-What is your favorite kind of cake?

Cheesecake with lots of fruits on it.

-How long did this card take to animate?

It took a few days to complete from concept to finished animation.

Check out more of Anna’s work here: and while you’re at it, send Cakezilla to that birthday cake monster today!

Evan and Gregg speaking at Silicon Beach @ USC!

Evan and Gregg (brothers & co-founders of JibJab) will be giving a keynote speech this afternoon at the Silicon Beach Conference @ USC! They will share their insights on technology, entrepreneurism, and introduce our new brand for kids and parents, StoryBots. Their speech is titled “13 Years in The Dumbest Business in the World, and Still Going.” Students & industry peers will learn more about how they built the JibJab brand & what’s next for the company!

To learn more about the conference & Silicon Beach click here. Let us know if you are attending the conference – we’d love to see you there!

New eCard – Hat Jam

In our newest birthday eCard we see 4 little guys who get funky with their hats playing a groovy tune. They sure know how to make a foot go tap in this musical eCard. We got to talk more with former intern Sean Rhodes to find out about his funkadelic inspiration to making this fun card.

1 – Do you play any instruments?

I play the guitar as often as I can – I’m not any good at it yet, but playing is a ton of fun.

2 – Who is your favorite band?

I have a whole lot of favorite bands, because I like a whole lot of music. I’m currently listening to Animal Collective, Divine Fits, Kings of Convenience, and Frank Ocean – I could spend all day listing the bands I love, but I don’t think any individual one takes the cake.

3 – How did you come up with the character design for this card?

I wanted to keep all of the characters simple, while also using the party hat shape everywhere I could. I also had a lot of help from the fantastic Jeff Gill, who helped me with the look of the card.

4 – Who was your inspiration?

I guess it was my love of music (and animating to music) that inspired this card, so I’ll have to go straight to the source on this question – my dad! He played/plays music all the time, and without him I wouldn’t have found my inspiration.

5 – How long did this card take to animate?

I was also working on graduating / finishing up my senior film while I was working on this card, so it took me a little longer than I would have liked. If I factor in all the time I worked on this guy and really got time to focus, I’d say it took me a little under two weeks to animate.

To check out more rocking art go to Sean’s website here: and send Hat Jam to that boppin’ birthday someone.

Tech Crawl 2012

Last week TechZulu, a popular technology news site, organized a “tech crawl” where people could sign up to tour neighboring offices in Venice. We participated as a host and about 300 people stopped by throughout the night! In addition to showing off our lounge area, we provided the networkers with a fun drink we dubbed #jibjabjuice, gave away some JibJab swagg &  played games. Check out the slideshow below to see all the fun we had! Special shout out to Erica Hsu for capturing the moments!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

New Starring You eCard – You’re Still Cool

Our new Starring You birthday eCard, You’re Still Cool, takes us back through the decades showing that fashion trends & dancing styles come and go, but coolness is forever! Our director of eCards, Jeff, came up with the animatic for this timely card and artist Dean Heezen animated it into the colorful eCard we see today.

We got to talk more with Dean about his favorite era and more:

-What is your favorite decade?

My favorite era is the 1940s. You just cant beat the boom of Disney animation, the Big Band Jazz and Swing, and MGM musicals.

-How did you choose which decades to feature?

Working with Jeff, he gave me the specific dates to work from.  With his notes, I just thought I’d choose specific iconic markers of those decades to help give a clear visual.

-How long did this card take to animate?

This card took me about 3 weeks to animate.

-Did you come up with the fun costumes each generation is wearing?

The designs were super fun to do. Jeff gave me a clear description of what was needed while still keeping it open for exploration.

-Did you practice each dance move the characters do in the video?

I still practice those dance moves in the video!

To check our more of Dean’s work you can visit his website then let someone celebrating a birthday know how cool they are today!

Goodbye Interns

We sadly said goodbye to our wonderful summer interns last week. To thank them for their three months of hard work on new eCards, eBooks & more, we came together and shared tacos, drinks, and memories. We also awarded them with superlatives! Here’s a selection of some of the best:

Dana: “Are you gonna eat that?”; Most Likely To Animate Like It’s Nobody’s Business. For her unwavering dedication to hand-drawn animation, and also sharks.

Jeremy: Yoga King; Token Canadian Award. For his ability to execute every yoga pose ever, and animate like a champion.

Jason: Town Sheriff; Best Hair Champion Since, Like, Forever. For being a hipster that we totally like, and for his artistic bad-assery.

Jacob:  Mr Tibbles Official Fan Club President; Most Likely To Be Called Jason, Too. For his ability to wear a different Duke shirt every day despite never having gone there, and his ability to stand tall under pressure!

Although we won’t be seeing their faces around the office any longer we will sure keep in touch and admire their creative talents from afar!

New eCard – Bonne Fete

Birthdays come in all different languages. This eCard though helps that special birthday someone learn a few choice words in French, the most important of those being cake. We got to talk to in house artist, Alex, to find out a little more about the beret behind the brush.

-Have you ever been to France?

I have been to France once. I stayed in Annecy and Paris. It was smelly and beautiful. I will retire there one day to sell watercolors I paint of mimes.

-How versed are you in French?

Je parle très bien le français fromage bibliothèque toilette.

-Did you come up with the concept for this eCard? And how long did it take to animate?

This eCard is based on a true story. Ashlyn came up with the animatic and concept. I took a few days to design the look of the card and paint all the characters, then a couple of weeks to animate everything.

-What is your favorite kind of cake?

My favorite type of cake is the Napoleon cake, also known in France as the mille-feuille.

To check out more of Alex’s work here: And send this eCard today to that someone well versed in birthday!

New eCard – Fun House Mirrors!

Why a mirror that morphs your body is called fun is beyond us, but in our newest birthday eCard, Fun House Mirrors, we see one birthday lady that will let nothing stand in her way of a good birthday. This week’s new birthday eCard comes from the super talented Cheyenne Curtis. She brings some girl power to the table and we were lucky enough to find out a little about her.

-Have you ever looked at yourself in a fun house mirror?

I’ve only installed fun house style mirrors in my house…the kind that always make you look beautiful.

-Has anything ever ruined your birthday?

I’m actually notorious for having bad birthdays. One year I was late for my own party because I was trying to catch a lost dog, then when I finally showed up at the restaurant there was no space for me to sit, and everyone had already sung Happy Birthday to the other guy (it was a double birthday). The evening also ended with me being dumped by this guy. Another time I had to get small surgery on my birthday…one day I’ll have a decent birthday.

-Where do you currently reside?

I travel back and forth from Los Angeles to Montreal.

-Where did you go to school and when did you graduate?

I went to Sheridan College and got my BA in Animation. I graduated in 2011.

-How long did this card take to animate? And did you come up with the concept?

The card took about two weeks in total, from design to final animation. I received an animatic with the concept of this girl going to a fun house and losing control of her emotions, and I filled in the final designs, color and animation. I also worked with Jeff Gill, who did a great job directing me on this awesome card!

So send this eCard today to that special birthday someone to help them make sure nothing gets in the way of a good birthday!

Fruit Wagon

As you know, we have been trying to get healthy here at JibJab with our Wagon Wednesday tradition. We recently incorporated Glenny’s (for our Glennie) into the regular wagon and now we have also added a wheel barrel of fresh fruit! The staff gets a choice of California grown seasonal fruit from the morning farmer’s market in Santa Monica. Check out the group enjoying some fresh grapes, plums, nectarines, plumcots (have you ever heard of such a fruit?) bananas, peaches and many other yummy fruits.

Nom Nom Nom

Fruit is Fantastic!

Do you have a favorite fruit? Let us know in the comments below.

New eCard – Never Ending Fun

As with most birthdays you never want the fun to stop. And in our newest eCard, Never Ending Fun, we see that sometimes the fun really does never seem to end. We got to talk with Art Grootfontein to find out about the artist behind the long dog.

– How long did this card take to animate?

It took about two weeks.

– Where was the picture of grass taken from?

It’s an epic story! It took me six days to find the right park and one more day to shoot the grass with the correct light…Just kidding… I simply found this picture on the internet in a photo bank.

– Do you have a dog of your own?

I have two cartoon dog characters at home. They’re so much more fun than real ones (and they don’t smell)!

– What did you do for never ending fun?

I was in charge of character design and animation. The animatic was already made, so I just had to focus on creating the kid & dog, and giving them life. The ecard animation is pretty close to the animatic, I just proposed to give the kid his “Oh you…” expression at the end.

– Lastly, where did you go to school and when did you graduate?

I studied in the National School of Art & Design in Paris, France, and I graduated in 1999.

To see more of Art’s work check out his site here: and send this eCard today!

Fancy Friday

Most offices have casual Friday where folks are encouraged to cut loose, let their hair down and throw on a pair of jeans. Well at JibJab we do that every day, so last Friday we decided to take things in the opposite direction and get fancy! The 2nd annual Formal Friday followed suit from last year when guys and dolls dressed in their best to impress. This year, we really heated things up with tuxedo shirts, floor length gowns and three piece suits. Check out our good looking crew below.

Funny Faces!

We are so hot!

The Bros…

New eCard – The Fountain of Youth

With our new birthday eCard you can help that special person feel like a baby again with one sip from the fountain of youth! We got to sit with Nate to find out a little more about his process:

1) Did you come up with the concept, art and animation for this eCard?

I designed the characters, environment and animation for the card, and it was a blast!  The concept for the card came from another JibJabber, Jeff Gill, who did the animatic for it.

2) Where did you go to school and when did you graduate?

I graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a Master’s in Animation last year.  The day after classes ended I packed my car and drove to LA to start working with JibJab, no joke!

3) How long have you been at JibJab?

I’ve been at JibJab since September of 2011…holy cow I can’t believe it’s almost a year already, time flies.

4) Where is the Fountain of Youth located?

I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you, and that’s not really the point of the whole fountain is it?  The location featured in the card is based on a lake back in my hometown in Ohio, but I like the idea of it just being some rusty old drinking fountain in a high school hallway or something.

5) Would you drink from its’ waters?

Are you saying that I look old?  OH GOD DO I LOOK OLD?!?

Check out more of Nate’s work here: and make someone feel young again with the Fountain of Youth on their birthday!

New Birthday eCard – Gettin’ Piggy With It

No birthday party is complete without dancing! In our new eCard, Gettin’ Piggy With It, we see that even pigs know how to get down. We talked more with the animator, Chris O’Hara, to find out more about his inspiration and favorite pop culture pig.

  • Where do you call home?

Home right now is Dublin, Ireland. I’m originally from a smaller town called Longford but have been living in Dublin for more than 8 years now.

  • How long have you been animating? And how long did this card take to make?

I graduated from college about 4 years ago and I’ve been animating professionally since then. The card was completed in my spare time over about 3 weeks.

  • Where did you pull inspiration?

Luckily there’s a break-dancing pig 2 doors down from me so I was able to get inspiration and video reference from him for the card (fart and all)!

  • Favorite pop culture pig? And Why?

A) Miss Piggy   B) Babe the pig    C) Porky Pig    D) Wilbur    E) Piglet

Favorite pig would have to be Babe. I love that film and that pig is an amazing actor!

So send this fun new eCard and check out more of Chris’ work at his blog or check out his short film that is currently on the festival circuit here:

Biking to Work

We recently took a poll in the JibJab office of how many people walk or ride their bikes to work. We found out we have quite a high number of employees whose commute is man powered! While LA is famous for horrible commute times, traffic jams, and high gas prices, most of our office saves money and gets a little fresh air & exercise before each day in front of the computer. Take a look below to see how far we commute every day!

-Jeremy walks 1 mile.
-Dana walks 4 miles.
-Lauren walks 4 miles.
-Jason walks 1 mile.
-Jacob walks 1 mile.
-Ashlyn walks 1 mile.
-Mike walks .4 miles.

Bike Riders
-Kurt bikes 6 miles.
-Robbie bikes 35 miles – just over an hour on bike each way!
-Grace bikes 1.6 miles.
-Dan rides or walks his bike 0.6 miles.
-Glennie bikes 2 miles.
-Eddie bikes 2 miles.

How do you get to work? Leave a comment below. And while you are at work, did you know we have an entire section of eCard fun to send to the office?


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