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Month: January 2009

  • Hey, you got JibJab in my Twitter!

    @attention everybody, JibJabbin and Tweeting are together at last! JibJab has gone all-a-twitter with a new Twitter account! If you please, follow us there for alerts about hilarious new JibJab content as well as easy access to new blog entries. We promise to keep it short and sweet, but mostly because of the character limit.

  • Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a Pirate’s Life for Us!

    We’re excited to be sharing the every day antics of the JibJab production studios with the world, and as you see pictures from our work place, you may notice a plethora of jolly rogers and eyepatches around the office.  There is good reason for that, because the JibJab production team works in a pirate ship!

  • The Gang’s All Here

    After rounding up to talk about our game plan for 2009, the JibJab team huddled close for a group shot of epic proportions! Damn we look good.

  • Personalized Obama images? Yes, please!

    Last week, the JibJab staff went a little nuts, playing with the do-it-yourself Obamicon creator over at Paste Magazine.  Inspired by the famous ‘Hope’ posters from the Obama campaign, you can get presidential with your own personalized portrait.  Needless to say, we had a little fun.  Here are a few favorites from around the office.  […]

  • Opscorn

    Who’s the happy gal with the big bucket of popcorn?  None other than Corey Shiffman over in operations!  You see, back over the holiday season, she and a crack team of customer service operatives answered a record number of customer support e-mails and phone calls.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, one customer was so happy […]

  • Inaugurate Your Desktop!

    Happy Inauguration Day from JibJab! Though we will miss the antics of Dubya, we wanted to take a moment to congratulate Barack Obama on taking office.  We certainly welcome the opportunity to make fun of somebody new for a change! Speaking of change,we’ve cooked up some spiffy wallpapers from our 2008 election hit Time for […]