Monthly Archives: February 2009

Launching Late into the Night

Last night had our technology wizards burning the midnight oil to ensure that tweaks to the site went live without a single glitch.  As always, their hard work has delivered a fantastic array of site additions, like a front page link to this very blog! The JibJab Tech team always get the job done and […]

The Maestro Josh Thompson…

Behold the face of talent. Or should we say the voice of talent? When we need some GREAT voices, we quite often call upon the mastery of Josh Thompson, best known for his killer Ahnold and DeNiro impressions.  You’ll recognize his voice all over JibJab, and you might even recognize his face from our Frankenstein […]

It’s Wagon Wednesday!

On Wednesdays, tensions are high.  People sit at their desks with their ears pricked, hoping to hear the high pitched clanging of a tambourine emanate from down the hall.  Like the bells of an ice cream truck, the sound signifies that something amazing and fun is on it’s way to our office.  This is no […]

Talking Organs

Here’s Devin, our stop-motion wizard, breathing life into a pissed off, talking gallbladder.  Youd be pissed too if you were a gallbladder.

Fly Lucky Air

We have some incredible art on the way for our St. Patrick’s day spectacular, like this charming private jet designed by artist Dave Bergmann. Make sure to keep your eyes glued to JibJab this March for our extra lucky St. Patty’s Day piece!

Mayo En Febrero

We’re sure that you’re just getting over Valentine’s Day, but over here at JibJab we’re already thinking about the 5th of May! That’s why we had traditional Mexican folk dancers come down to our studio this week, borrowed from Los Angeles’ historic La Fonda restaurant on Wilshire. Home to delicious Mexican cuisine and live mariachi […]

Back on Tracks

We get a lot of use out of our in-house sound booth, both for recording sample tracks and capturing our final audio. Devin here has been working on a birthday piece for the last few weeks and finally got to lay down his master tracks today.

Sharing Tips and Tricks

Just recently we’ve been holding in-office seminars to pass around our individual knowledge and techniques relating to the animation process. We kept one wall completely free of pirate stuff just for projection purposes. From After Effects to Flash, Photoshop to Maya, animation takes a ton of technical skill!

Sink Your Teeth into This Teaser

We’re working on a new Starring You! project that won’t be launched for months but we couldn’t help but share one of the toothy little shark toys we’re working with. Watch your fingers…

Our Ugly Mugs

You must possess two things to be a proper JibJab employee. A penchant for comedy and a healthy love for beer. Most of us just embody the latter, as evidenced by the JibJab kitchen area… Everyone working here has their own personalized mug, emblazoned with our faces. Now, with every beer, we have our own […]

We Wish you Could Too.

More fun from Corey in Ops, who helped this satisfied customer. Perhaps we’ve made our customers too satisfied.

Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre: Selected Cuts by Wilhelm Staehle

Come see the work of one of JibJab’s most insanely talented artists! Wilhelm Staehle is putting up an exhibit at the Hibbleton Gallery all through February, featuring his twisted, hand cut silhouette pieces. A brief description of his works on display: Staehle is influenced by the look and feel of Victorian design, and explores the […]

Let JibJab be Your Valentine!

We’ve just launched a PLETHORA of ridiculously awesome content onto the site and we can’t help but share! If you’re looking for an amazing personalized experience to send to a loved one this Valentine’s Day, look no further than our Starring You pieces! From our new Silent Film Starring You!, to our hilariously raunchy Chippendales […]

Send eCards on a Specific Date!

We have a neat little development to announce over at JibJab central… now JibJab eCards are equipt with the ability to will send at whatever date and time you would like them to be delivered! You can go ahead and make birthday cards for all of your friends in advance, set them to send on […]