Monthly Archives: March 2009

Embarking Upon the JibJab Collegiate Tour

And he’s off!  Today marks the first day of Evan’s big North American college tour, as he prepares to embark on a massive journey, hitting art schools from Florida to Canada all April long in search of fresh talent!  Ringling, Tisch, Temple, RISD, Sheridan, CalArts… no school is safe from his scouting.  Thus, if you’re […]

It’s Trampoline Time… with Tim!

See Tim.  See Tim jump.  See Tim jump high.  About as high as a normal person can jump without a trampoline.   Out at a party this weekend, we snapped these pictures of our Director of Ops getting a little air.  Emphasis on the little. We still love you Tim.

Our Poor Potted Plant

Recently, the plant in the kitchen hasn’t been doing so well.  His brother, 6 feet away seemed to be thriving though.  A mystery was afoot.  Why was one plant leafy green, while the other wasted away?  Then it hit us.  Because our kitchen doesn’t have a sink.  So our friend the kitchen plant was being […]

Whoa, posting JibJab stuff to Facebook is SUPER easy now!

We’ve been working long and hard to find the perfect way to let you post JibJab stuff on your Facebook.  Would building an application be the best way to go?  How about just using a third party app?  Should JibJabbers just upload the videos right onto Facebook?   Well today we’re proud to announce that […]

Belting Barbershop

Most JibJab songs you’ll hear are never quite music to your ears.  After all, nobody really expects politicians to sing like opera stars or Bono.  Plus, not many of us have had music lessons.  It’s our theory that the best way to mask bad singing is by getting as many bad singers together on a […]

An Editor Extraordinare

For the past few months we’ve been excited to have Daniel here in house, working his animation and editing voodoo on what we like to call our “shorties”, aka the remixed public domain footage eCards we feature at  Andy, an ingenious writer/producer here at the site, has been overseeing our shorties program since it’s […]

They Call Him Galen

Galen Foard has been aboard the good ship JibJab for some 30 months, originally hired right out of Emerson to star on our operations team. Since, his love for numbers has led him to a sweet accounting position, as our ace-in-the-hole audit avenger. Now for some fun facts about Galen… He has never made a […]

Spring Has Sprung!

Vernal equinox is today, one of those rare March 20th ones at that, but we’re on the ball. In honor of budding trees, green grass and hatching eggs, we bring you some sketches of little chicks from artist Trish Tatman! We particularly like the smiling one on the far right. JibJab is set to unleash […]

An Avalanche of New Stuff!

Whoa!  In the wake of St. Patrick’s Day madness, we’re loading our site up with lots (and we mean LOTS) of new content. Our birthday section is looking a little spiffier now that we’ve got such gems as… Insane Talking Cake Relax Born in the 80’s Zorro’s Pinata Our love eCards are now overstocked with […]

Take a Card, Any Card

By now, it should be clear that we like to put our heads on things.  A lot.  So when it comes to our business cards, the choice was clear… giant disembodied heads!  We hold a photo shoot for new hires and encourage each employee to make the zaniest face they can muster, leaving it to […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Before we all get drinking tonight, we thought we might want to share a funny piece of production art from our Leprechaun Bailout video. Don’t print this out, the bank won’t cash it! If you haven’t wished your favorite people a Happy St. Paddy’s Day yet, now is your last chance until next beer!  Er, […]

Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day!

Where did we get those conning leprechauns for our Leprechaun Bailout video?  Look no further than the JibJab offices!  Here we have our two test subjects, employees Owen Waring and Corey Shiffman.   Add a few freckles and throw in some red hair, and you’ve got that classic leprechaun look! You’ve got to be careful […]

Jim Meskimen is the MeskiMAN!

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself “who does those kickass Bush and McCain voices for JibJab?”, your wondering days are over.  Meet Jim Meskimen, voice-over guy extraordinaire.  Jim is the voice behind some of our biggest hits, including but not limited to This Land and Time for Some Campaignin’.  Beyond that he’s given us the […]

A Pug Named Sammie!

Not everybody in the office at JibJab is a human being.  Case-in-point, our beloved office pug Sammie.  Sammie is a staple here at JibJab, he loves attention and if let loose will visit every desk in the office, run around in a few circles, then find the nearest trashcan and try to eat everything inside.  […]

Brand New Baby eCard for Brand New Babies!

In our drunken St. Patrick’s day rush we almost forgot to show off our latest in the way of baby eCards! We birthed this little guy just last week. Aww, he has our eyes! Go ahead and send this lil eCard to all those unsuspecting expecting parents out there, they’ll love it more than babies […]