Monthly Archives: March 2009

We’re Feeling Lucky!

Three cheers!  A brand new slew of eCards have hit the site in honor of the luckiest date on the calendar, March 17th, AKA St. Patrick’s Day!  So lift up your glasses of green beer and champagne to raise a toast, then head on over to the site and check them out!

Top O’ the Teaser to You

Make sure to tune into JibJab tomorrow for a mess o’ new content with a decidedly Irish twist.  For now, here’s a little clue as to where the rainbow might end…

Nerfing on our Turf

Here at JibJab, any given moment in the day can go from tranquil web programming to all out inter office warfare.  We have a small arsenal of Nerf guns at our disposal, with ammunition stationed at different locations all over the office.   Of course, when you’ve got this much ammo flying about on a daily […]

Dragged Aboard!

When we need a face for one of our projects in a jiffy, we don’t spend much time casting.  Instead we grab our nearest co-worker, force them out into the sun and claim their face for our website.  Here our rockstar V.P. of Production Vaughn Morrison is pulled into the parking lot to star as […]

While We’re on the Topic of Cute…

Pardon us while we pimp the plushies of our in-house super-seamstress Trish Tatman.  Usually Trish specializes in sewing sizeable 8 inch plushies, but for an upcoming JibJab project she whipped up these terrifically tiny little creatures.  Use your own keyboard for scale and you’ll understand just how iddy biddy they are!  Dah!  So cute!

The Creator of all Things Cute

Amanda Rynda is one of our most fab artists on staff, constantly rocking the wacom tablet and giving us original creations of intense cuteness.  We turn to her when we want to create a critter that’s beyond adorable, and she pulls through every time.  Amanda is just another reason why our website is cuter than […]


Word got around fast today that we were filming an Easter greeting with real live bunnies.  In no time, our staff came rushing into the studio where the little fuzz balls were waiting, turning our little internet operation into a soft and fuzzy petting zoo.  On this day, no bunny went uncuddled.