Monthly Archives: April 2009

The Make of the Week

Beginning this week, we’re going to start featuring our favorite fan made Starring You creations!  We’re always amazed to see how many pets make their way onto our dancing videos, in fact we’ve been kicking around ideas for a pet based Starring You for a while now. This week we found this dancing dog version […]

This one goes out to all the moms out there…

11 days until Mother’s Day and our design team has their nose to the grindstone, filling up our Mother’s Day category with pictures and videos that a wide variety of moms will appreciate.  Most of our new videos are up, and this week you’ll be seeing a mess of new pictures go live.  Justin is pictured […]

Music to Our Hands!

Today we had viral sensation Gerry Phillips in the studio, best known for his ability to play just about any song with no instrument other than his hands!  Check out our behind the scenes video diary on the shoot below!

Giving Tech some Respect

Most people have no idea what kind of coding goes into an interactive site like ours, especially when you’re coming up with and modifying the kind of tools that nobody has ever created before.  Our tech force is immensely important when it comes to behind-the-scenes at JibJab and today is a great example: tech just […]

Have an Inspired Weekend!

To help you have an inspirational weekend, here are four of our most inspirational eCards; challenging you to go for it, never give up, stay determined and achieve success!  Share any of these and inspire your friends to achieve greatness this weekend.  Climb a mountain, try a new food or watch a TV channel that […]

Caption Contest 3!

We made these really neat little finger puppets a while back-a-go and didn’t quite know what to do with them.  This calls for a caption contest!  The best caption in one week’s time nabs a free JibJab t-shirt AND gets to keep the ninja! (luchador sold separately) WE HAVE OUR WINNER! “And I would have […]

JibJab Reactions!

Today’s blog post is a little more Starring You than usual. We’ve found a slew of JibJab reaction videos that seriously crack us up. Sometimes you’ve got to wonder what’s funnier, the castable video or the audience reactions. We’ll let you be the judge. Thanks to all the fans that made these! We secretly want […]

Kicking the Fiesta Off Early

You may remember a few months back when we posted some pictures up from our shoot with the highly talented traditional Mexican folk dancers of the La Fonda restaurant. Now their skills can be yours, as we’ve launched a new Starring You dance in honor of Cinco De Mayo We’re really proud of how well […]

Going Greenish

In a continual effort to let the world know that we care, we’ve installed little recycling areas all around the office. There used to be just one main recycling area, but now we’re capturing boxes, paper, bottles and cans in every little nook and cranny of JibJab. In honor of Earth Day, why not send […]

Attempting an Overhead Angle

We’ve added a ton of amazing baby eCards to the site lately, and wanted to share this little behind the scenes bit. We jimmy rigged a camera to the ceiling of our studio in order to animate these baby toys stop-motion style. Here’s a little peek to understand the perspective, and don’t forget to check […]

Caption Contest 2!

When we posted about Rock Band earlier this week, people started leaving captions on this picture as if it were a caption contest.  So now that they’ve started, why not take it all the way? This is Dan, JibJab’s community man and blogger extraordinaire, singing his heart out to either Linkin Park or Bon Jovi. […]

The Future of Starring You!

A secret task force of tech and creative leads has been working hard to make the next generation of Starring You cooler than ever. Of course, frosty brews are key to this process. What lies in store for the next iteration of personalized JibJab content? We’re not telling! Just rest assure that it’s going to […]

We’re a Webby Award Honoree!

We’re proud to announce that Time For Some Campaignin’ was selected as an official honoree for the 13th Annual Webby Awards!  We’re the most honored honorees to ever be honored, honest!

JibJab knows how to ROCK

Once a game gets rolling at JibJab people come out of the woodwork to rock their FACES OFF.  On Friday we enjoyed a jam before the weekend set in, behold our glorious ROCK.

Dying Eggs, Eggs Dying

We had a little fun at lunch today and busted out one of those drug store egg dye kits! The colors always come out so light… they tell you to add vinegar, but who wants to eat an egg that smells like vinegar? Speaking of, we’ve got a few egg-centric Easter eCards to enjoy while […]