Monthly Archives: April 2009

Caption Contest!

We’ve been modifying action figures for an upcoming short and this ridiculous one needed a… reduction of sorts to be a little more family friendly.  Once we saw how creepy Devin looked with a mask on and the dremel tool, we had to throw some weird sunglasses on him to complete the look.  One thing […]

Feast on our new Easter and Passover stuff!

We’re bouncing with excitement, and it’s not just due to the massive amounts of jelly beans we’ve eaten… no we’re super psyched after launching our new content for Easter and Passover!  Our subscribers now have access to some pretty cool stuff, from singing eggs and talking Da Vinci paintings to Jewish rappers and Red Sea […]

Celebrating a Year of JibJabbing

Today here at JibJab a time honored tradition continued as a silver wristwatch made it’s way into the hands of Johan, our Product Manager of Uber 1337ness. Why did we give him a watch? You see, each time a JibJabber celebrates a year in our company, they are passed down the one-year-watch to display as […]

Eat This Easter Teaser!

Remember those cute bunnies we were toting around last month? Well now you get to find out what that was all about, as we premiere all of our zany new Easter content tonight! Looking back on the production of Chocolate Bunny Attack, we had a lot of fun.  We climbed trees and wrangled soft furry […]

We’ve got Fans, Friends and Followers!


Something to Write Home About

Ever since we opened up the lines of communication with our fans by blog, Twitter and Facebook, the out pour of amazing feedback has been nothing short of overwhelming.  We read every message and comment that we get, and one we received today was worth writing home about, literally. Dear JibJab Geniuses First, i am […]

April Foolishness

We’ve added a whole lot of fun to the site over the past few days and there are a few things we just had to let you know about!  For one, our wildly popular Chippendales Starring You! dance is now available apart from Christmas and Valentine’s Day.  In just a few days over 50,000 of […]