Monthly Archives: May 2009

Take the Tour!

Those who are already members may have missed this rad behind the scenes tour we put together, as it only shows up for those who are not signed up for the site.  It’s so fun, we had to share it with everyone, so take a gander and get a good feel for what we’re all […]

Brand New Look, Same JibJab Flavor

If you’re browsing around JibJab tonight, you may notice that our eCards and Everyday Fun sections have had a drastic new makeover!  We’ve been working for months to apply new features to the site and now that they’re up, we’re excited to offer areas that will be updated on a daily basis, pointing out the […]

Crunch Time

We’ve been working our rear ends off for our upcoming Obama video, trying to get the animation done in time to tweak and gear up for our big release (date and time TBA). We started keeping a big calendar on the wall at the beginning of the month, and it was going good… for a […]

Something Weird This Way Comes

JibJab friend and collaborator Weird Al Yankovic stopped by the studio today! We’ve grown a lot since we last collaborated with him in 2006 for the music video to “Do I Creep You Out” , so we gave him the grand tour and a sneak peek at our various top secret projects in development. On […]

Profile Pic Flix!

We doubled the size of our free profile picture library over the last month and one cool development has been the addition of some Starring You postables that pay tribute to the summer’s biggest popcorn flicks. You’ll be seeing more as the weeks go by, so keep checking back as the image count grows and […]

Facebook Exclusive: Free Download of ‘This Land’!

Joining up as a fan of JibJab on Facebook has many perks, the coolest of which may be a free download of our mega viral hit “This Land”!  How do you snag your own copy of it, for keeping forever?  First, click this link and add yourself as a fan on Facebook.  Then go to […]

New Starring You Movies and Dances Galore!

We just launched a few wacky and useful Starring You videos that are far too funny to let slip under the radar. First up, we’ve got a new graduation Starring You that answers the question  “what now” with “who knows?” Then its a new Arabian Nights Starring You dance that’s more than definitely the wackiest […]

Showing Some Serious Support

Some venture capital investors write checks, attend board meetings and make strategic business introductions for their companies.  Our lead investor, Jon Flint, who is co-founder and managing general partner of Polaris Venture Partners, takes it one steps further.  He gets down to the grass roots level, making Starring You pictures and videos and sharing them […]


We’re happy to announce that we’ve been hard at work on our next big political satire!  Our skewering of Obama is set to be our most rocking piece yet, literally.  We’ve assembled an all star band of legendary rockers to craft a new song of epic proportions.  Gaze upon their rock, mortals… On lead guitar […]

A Funny Guy, eh?

Andy, our brilliantly funny writer and Director of Development, works with artists and editors to produce dozens of projects for the site at a time. Pitching projects and writing scripts all day keeps him perennially buried under piles of outlines and half-baked ideas.  Literally. You can see his comedic mark all over the site, he’s […]

We’re Workin’ On It!

What are we working on?  Here’s a face you might recognize… Big updates within the next week!

Your Graduation Station

Graduation ceremonies are traditionally sprinkled throughout May and June, so in preparation we’ve revamped our collection of graduation eCards to include a bounty of new material.  We’ve packed each congratulation with smart humor for that smart grad, including a new song, some funny remixes and some great new castable art.  By the way, you can […]


Our product team has loaded up the development pipe with more new web features than you can shake a stick at. That means if you saw our Director of Development’s to-do list, you would want to crawl under a blanket and call out for your mommy. Does Chris do that? Heck no! In his spare […]

JibJab Moms

In tribute of our moms this Mother’s Day, we asked our staff to share some pictures of their moms to be honored in true JibJab style. Here’s to you, moms! You made us funny and we hope we’ve made you proud! All of these postables are up on our site, with loads of Mother’s Day […]

Shaking Up Starring You

Scribbling on the back of a napkin to express an idea is so 2008. Here, Phillip uses a napkin, sugar packs and salt and pepper shakers to express some thoughts he has on how to make casting Starring You a better user experience. (Of course, there was beer involved).