Monthly Archives: May 2009

Mas Margaritas Por Favor!

Those familiar with the blog know that every Wednesday, we get a wagon full of treats at the JibJab offices.  It’s pretty much the only thing that keeps the funny flowing.  Yesterday however, we were surprised with a special Cinco De Mayo treat.  The wagon came a day early and it came bearing chips, dip […]

Mom’s Day is On!

Mother’s Day is sneaking up on everyone this weekend, even us.  This year we’ve added loads of stylized content to our vast array of funny Mother’s Day eCards, but with a few interesting changes.  We did some research and found that the majority of people have a hard time getting a hold of a nice […]

Jokes and Spokes

Working out of Venice beach, at least half of our staff bikes to work every day, riding down the shoreline or through the colorful neighborhoods.  This has lead to a massive bike room, with six racks, spare tires, helmets and pumps strewn everywhere.  And a scooter.  Evan rides the scooter. Some of the bikes are […]

That Mexican Thing Sweeping the Nation

The taquitos are bought, pinatas are strung and the cervezas are chilling for Cinco De Mayo partying this weekend! But before we could get in the mood for a fiesta, a certain pandemic started sweeping the nation that we couldn’t ignore. Happy Cinco De Mayo weekend, everyone! Make sure to check out the our YouTube […]