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Month: June 2009

  • The Grand Finale!

    We always aim for a big ending but we knew coming out of this piece it would have to be epic!  Given the storyline it didn’t necessarily lend itself to a “gag” ending and there had been so much amazing art, animation and design created that to do anything less than a monumental shot would […]

  • Sound Effects

    As the project draws to a close one of the most fun stages of production is sound design. Because we typically produce musical videos, you could watch our videos with no sound design at all and still get the entire story… but as soon as we add the thumps, chops, explosions and screams it REALLY […]

  • The Design Team

    Another one of those somewhat “unnoticed” arts that really helps push the quality bar over the top is design. Our design team puts out so much unbelievable work that is either never seen or is taken for granted so we thought we’d show ’em a bit of love! One of the last minute requests that […]

  • The Store

    As the video started to shape up we were seeing so much incredible art we thought, heck, why not create a store?  Every couple of days we’d see something and say, “Man, that’d be awesome on a T-shirt” so the logical conclusion was to put it on a t-shirt.  And a mug.  And a mousepad.  […]

  • The Big Event!

    After months and months of creating, planning, producing and coordinating, there is nothing more satisfying then kicking back in penguin suits (aka, tuxedos) and watching the leader of the free world watch – and hopefully laugh at – something that sprung from the collective imagination of myself, my brother and the amazingly talented people we […]

  • Spreading the Word

    If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Figuring out how to get our work out there to as many people as possible has always been as central to our success at JibJab as creating the videos. You can create and produce the […]

  • A Big, Hearty Thanks!

    So if you’ve made it through all the “Behind the Scenes” posts we want to thank you for taking the time to check it all out.  More importantly, we assume if you’ve read all these posts then you must be a fan and we want to thank you profusely for sharing our work with your […]

  • Extra Goodies…

    When we make one of these big two-minute videos there are literally thousands upon thousands of photos, pictures and drawings that get created to help us cross the finish line.  We’ve uploaded a bunch of extra images to a Facebook gallery for your perusal.  If these “Behind the Scenes” have left you wanting more check […]

  • In Dedication to Dad

    In praise of our pops we’d like to feature a few JibJab dads tonight, by way of our Starring You postables.  These fathers helped shape our staff of funnymen and funnywomen, so give it up for them!  You can make your own over at our Father’s Day category, with dozens of cards to choose from.

  • Batten down the Servers!

    Our technicians have been scrambling in preparation for a potential mega load of traffic following Friday’s release of our new video “He’s Barack Obama”.   Just last week we had Mark, the master of all things server related, head to our secret server location where he helped to install more storage in preparation for the gathering […]

  • Written Up

    Though we’ve yet to play court jester and premiere our upcoming political piece before the President, we’ve still had a few nice shout outs in the media this month.  Today the Los Angeles Times caught up with Scott Kirsner about his new book on digital businesses and we got a shout out thanks to Scott’s […]

  • No Dearth of Dad’s Day Stuff!

    Father’s Day is this weekend, and even though we’re caught in a whirlwind of Obama related madness this week, your good pals at JibJab have not forgotten about dear old dad!  We’re really happy with how big our library is getting, and Father’s Day is a great example of the massive amount of material we’ve […]

  • Draw for Your Life

    Wagon Wednesdays aren’t the only weekly Wednesday tradition at JibJab, we also have a live model in the studio for our artists to sketch over the lunch hour.  We’ve been waiting a good long while to blog about our weekly life drawing sessions, as the majority of our models pose completely in the buff and […]

  • You Can Now Facebook Connect!

    Facebook connect is one of the coolest features on the internet, letting you ditch your endless usernames and passwords that you keep at various websites and allowing you to just sign in using the one account you use the most anyways, your facebook!  As soon as we heard about this ability, we knew JibJab had […]

  • Sundae Wagon Wednesday!

    Three cheers! Animation on our rocking new video “He’s Barack Obama” has wrapped and as we render, burn DVDs for the press and catch up on sleep before the June 19th premiere, celebrations have commenced with a special surprise!  Our trusty treat wagon rolled into the office as it does every Wednesday, this time loaded […]