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Month: June 2009

  • Intern Force, Assemble!

    It’s that time of year again.  The days are longer, the temperature is up, trees are looking their greenest and the interns have returned to JibJab!  Hailing from CalArts, we’re excited to have the extreme talent of Marcos, Glenn and Romney here for the warm months to help us with our numerous big summer projects.  […]

  • Go Kudobot Go!

    Everyone at JibJab does the work of two or three people, and even though we’re a small, close-knit group… all too often someone does something really awesome that slips through the cracks, never to be shared with the team.  That’s why last week we introduced a bold new initiative to applaud our colleagues in the […]

  • Welcome to the New Economy!

    We’ve got a new series of hard hitting shorties popping up on the site!  As you’ll see, they deal with the new economy we’re all griping about and coming to grips with.  But hey, good news for those strapped for cash right now… these are free! Check em out and send to any friends facing […]

  • Metrics Schmetrics

    This may look like a bunch of normal guys, out drinking beer and having a good time… but if pictures could talk you’d hear things like “uniques”, “conversion rate”, “make-to-share ratio”, and “average recipients per share”.  Yep, JibJab’s crack product engineering team is clearly no ordinary group of dudes sippin brews, here they’re fast at […]

  • Jarl’s in Charge

    Typically, we like to use friends and family when we cast a secondary character in one of our Original videos.  For our upcoming Obama video, we needed to find someone in their 40/ 50s with a commanding physical presence to play a military General, and nobody from our immediate circle fit the bill.  So where […]

  • BIG NEWS! Obama video to premiere in front of POTUS himself!

    We are beyond thrilled to announce that our first satire of the Obama administration will premiere in front of the big man himself at the 65th Annual Radio and Television Correspondents Association Dinner on June 19th in Washington, DC! While we can’t give away any of the details about the video yet, we can say […]

  • What we ask of our Artists…

    Philip here is inked from elbow to wrist as a special request for our huge Obama spectacular.  It’s nice to work with a crew that’s willing to do anything to help us get the assets we need for animation.  And no, it’s not permanent.  Though it may be permanent marker… We’re revealing the launch date […]