Monthly Archives: July 2009

Barack’s Behind

Going back through the “He’s Barack Obama” files, we found another treasure.  This close up of the backside of Barack’s supersuit has cracked our staff up on many, many occasions.  Now we share it with you.  BEHOLD!

Dancing Doodie Doodles!

We may have devised the best summer intern challenge of all time when we asked our squad of 3 Jibterns to present us with a variety of dancing doodies in preparation for an upcoming card.  The result was hilarious and strange smattering of muck!  Which dookie design won?  You’ll have to wait for the final […]

Team Love

We were going through pictures from last month’s release of “He’s Barack Obama” and stumbled upon this screen grab.  Within seconds of the video’s release, the whole team ran to Facebook and shared our latest project with our friends, completely taking over our feeds.  This is what we saw when we logged in that evening… […]

Two Starring Yous Coming Next Week

There are two majorly rocking Starring Yous coming into your life next week and we can’t keep quiet much longer.  For starters, our Weird Al video will allow you to cast yourself into one of Yankovic’s music videos for the first time!  As if that weren’t enough, we also have a guitar shredding Starring You […]


Go figure, on the day that Corey brings in her scruptious popcorn-peanut brownies, we also receive a HUMONGOUS candy bar in the mail from the peeps at Birthday Alert.  To the uninitiated, Birthday Alert is a giant on Facebook, an application that over 800,000 people use daily.   Take a look at the application and you’ll […]

Grab Pictures from Facebook While on JibJab!

Have you been signing into JibJab with Facebook connect?  If not, then you’re going to be missing out on some pretty cool features!  The latest released yesterday, the ability to pull photos straight from Facebook to JibJab’s Starring You creation process.  Check the video for the run down on how to raid your photo albums […]

New Everyday Fun Structure!

Use this video to better aquaint yourself with the new structure of Everyday Fun on JibJab!

Here’s to Beer!

We had the official team viewing of our upcoming Weird Al Yankovic video today, in celebration of the project’s completion!  We’re not giving any peeks away, but our tech team got a kick out of seeing the full video for the first time, as we watched with beers in hand.  The JibJab mini-fridge has an […]


JibJab has had warm fuzzy feelings for NASA ever since they called us for a copy of “This Land” to send to the International Space Station.  In honor of the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, we’re busting out all of our most moon-centric and spectacularly spacey Sendables. Did someone give you a lift in […]

New Weird Al Video Drops August 4th!

We are moving ahead full speed on our collaboration with Weird Al Yankovic, putting together what has to be one of the most insane videos we’ve ever done.  What is it about?  That we cannot say until it’s release, but we can hit you with this teaser image to tide you over.  The video and […]

Getting in the Mixergy [Update]

If you haven’t checked out yet, you owe it a click.  This morning, Gregg Spiridellis represented half of the JibJab founding duo on a live interview that streamed from the site.  Mixergy’s thing is really unique: Founder Andrew Warner interviews the people behind start-ups and successful business ventures, providing a catalogue of really great […]

Jowls Behind the Scenes Album

Wonder how we made all of that JibJab magic happen in JOWLS?  Check out our Facebook album full of behind-the-scenes photos and get a feel for how much work goes into a minute long animation.  Hint: A lot!

Howl at Jowls!

We’re excited to present JOWLS, a parody of a classic summer blockbuster you may remember.  We’ve had this one in the cooker for a while, as you may remember a teaser blog from a few months ago with a little rubber shark.  Go ahead, star in your own little mini-movie!  Then, tell us what favorite […]

A Tale of Two Studios

We have a secret we’ve been hiding from you. As we hope you can understand, we always try to show you our good side. Thus, we tend to show you pictures of our studio that are nice and clean and tidy like this: However, as we hope you can also understand, we’re aren’t always so […]

Staff Picks

A site feature that we added a little while ago, and that we love, is called ‘Staff Picks’. It’s exactly what is sounds like: It shows a JibJab employee, their favorite eCard and an explanation of why they like it. Here’s an example showing Lauren (yes, she does always look like that): You can find […]