Monthly Archives: August 2009

Something Big is Coming to JibJab…

Something big is taking over our site next week. Big and fluffy. Stay tuned.

Experimental Jabbery

In keeping with our weekly goal to further ourselves by sharing tips, tricks and skills with each other, we recently had an in-studio workshop where our very own Maureen put her degree to use and taught us everything she knew about handmade film. After showing the class some examples of other artists at work in […]

Insert Inserts Here

There’s nothing we value more at JibJab than outside-the-monitor thinking. That’s why Gregg, our co-founder, was so excited to see a collection of magazine subscription inserts spread out across our product manager’s desk this morning.  Johan has been working on ways to better communicate the value of a JibJab Membership at checkout and rather than […]

Caramel Apple Wagon!

The Wagon Wednesday tradition continues. While usually filled with candy, sometimes margaritas or ice cream sundaes take us by surprise. Today was another show stopper as Amia rolled in with fresh apples, homemade caramel dips and tons of toppings for caramel apples! Between the krispies, peanuts, marshmallows, chocolate candies and honey of today’s Wagon Wednesday […]

The Worst Person to Send a Striptease to…

It seems once a week we find a really funny story having to do with how people are using our Starring You technology to make others laugh. Last week, someone used our Chippendales dance to lampoon Taiwanese government officials, scoring well over a hundred thousand views! This week another ridiculous story has come out of […]

Men in Makeup

Gregg and Evan were on Fox Business News this past Saturday for something a little different than the average interview fare… a full hour of discussion on running a small business and taking e-mails and calls live on air.  Now normally (sitting around in front of computers all day) we hardly need to shave or […]

Sun, Sand, Sandwiches!

The JibJab studio is a mere two blocks from the beach, so we love popping over to the shore and eating by the sea on our lunch breaks.  Usually we get so busy here that we don’t the chance to beach it up as often as we’d like, so today we had a little company […]

Hanukkah in August

While most people don’t even have labor day on their minds yet, our production schedule has us working on our big holiday pieces up to six months in advance!  Right now we’re cranking away on Halloween, Christmas AND Hanukkah stuff.  Most of our art and animations for the December holidays will remain top secret for […]

Updates from Around the Team

We’ve got some fun links to share from our various weekend excursions and activities, starting with Ian, one of our uber talented animators,  who just put the finishing touches on his student film that blew us away last year.  Check it out and leave loads of feed back on his youtube channel! Joey, mecha Marketing […]

Four Fresh Ones for the Weekend

We just posted a slew of fresh (and free) shorties to the site!  And we mean fresh in two ways, these cards are both brand spankin’ new and a perfect for the smart-alec harbored inside of you.  Peruse the n00bs and enjoy a hot summer weekend! Living in LA, we’re subject to one of the […]

Blog Cabin

The JibJab office is always beyond hectic.  That’s why every few months Gregg and Evan head somewhere a bit more remote to get away from the day to day craziness of running a web business.  Their go-to spot is always Lake Arrowhead.  It’s close enough to LA that they can drive but it still feels […]

The Perilous Piñata

Our studio has had a new project filming almost every day this August, one of the latest being a piece we call “Piñata Revenge”.  We think you can figure out the gist of this birthday-card-to-be from what you see on screen, so here is a bonus fun fact: the super hero gloves from He’s Barack […]

Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Puppet

In the studio last week, we had a very special impersonator hanging around.  The puppet was masterfully designed and constructed by Mike, one of our multi-talented animators.  Look for this hound dog on the site very soon!

C.N.R. B.T.S. III: Visiting The Estate

In order to nab as many high quality photos of Charles Neilson Reilly as we could muster, we went to the source… CNR’s home in Beverly Hills!  Reilly’s partner, Patrick Hughes, invited us to their home and provided us with pictures, videos and stories behind the man of so much myth.  We brought back loads […]

Birthday Bonanza

In the summer lull between major holidays, we’re getting a head start on Christmas and working to fill up our library with new funny birthday cards.  This week saw the launch of three big ones, with several more in the pipeline to be released throughout August. We teased an image from the Rocker last week […]