Monthly Archives: August 2009

C.N.R. B.T.S. II !

Can’t get enough of the new Weird Al/JibJab video “CNR”? Check out our new Facebook album chock full of art and production photos sure to spoil all the magic for you!

The Kudos Wheel Revealed!

Regular readers of this blog will know that early this summer we launched a unique inter-office encouragement system called KudoBot. You can read all about it here but, in a nutshell, if anyone in the company does anything you think is cool, you can log into our internal system and give them Kudos.  Every morning, […]

C.N.R. B.T.S.!

We’re going to give you a few good peeks behind the scenes this week, highlighting the fun we had making Weird Al’s new video “CNR”.  The first comes from our green screen, where Devin, Glenn and our crew played the badass body of Mr. Reilly himself.  It’s not every day you’re told to act like […]

Turn a JibJab picture into your Facebook photo!

Want to turn your freshly-made JibJab picture in to your Facebook profile photo? Here’s how you do it: 1. Login to your JibJab account with your Facebook info by clicking the ‘Login with Facebook’ link at the top of any page on 2. Select any picture on the site and click ‘Personalize’ or ‘Share’; […]