Monthly Archives: September 2009

Soul Train Facebook Contest

In celebration of the release of Soul Train Starring You videos on JibJab, we’re hosting a Facebook “like-off”! Official Rules: Post your Soul Train dance to your Facebook wall and rally your friends to press the “like” button underneath it.  Post a screen shot of your video’s “likes” to the official JibJab Facebook wall ( […]

Intern Appreciation

As the summer winds down, our amazing squad of summer interns are going their separate ways, back to schools that are located far too far away from JibJab for our tastes. While we get over our empty nest syndrome, we saw off our summer staffers with framed personalized certificates. Thanks for the incredible work guys! […]

The Board

When you’re sharing working quarters with some of the most brilliant technical and artistic minds ever, everyone has a wish list for what they would like to see the site’s technology do.  That’s where the fine folks of JibJab’s product department comes in.  They collect and organize every request from employees and users into a […]

Enlightening Us On Lighting

Between key light placement, aperture setting and shadow reduction, lighting a scene doesn’t come easy.  That’s why we held a workshop last week on lighting objects, one of the trickiest daily tasks we have at JibJab.  It was well attended, so we no longer have an excuse for anything poorly lit.  Except for this picture, […]

Yep, We’re Thinking About Christmas

As raging wildfires burn 40 miles from us and Los Angeles sees triple digit temperatures, we’re thinking cool thoughts.  Here’s some BG art we’ve been working on for the holiday season.