Monthly Archives: October 2009

JibJab or Treat

We got into the Halloween spirit at the office today, with costumes, candy and a bit of fun creative time drawing on gourds.  You can see our collection below, and a few more of the pumpkins at Trish’s blog. On a side note, we wanted to thank everyone who made the Monster Mash such a […]

CNR Live On Jimmy Fallon!

For those of you who missed it last night, NBC has posted Al’s performance of CNR live on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon… featuring JibJab’s music video!  This won’t be available forever, so check it out. Click here or on the image below to watch it on Hulu.

You Got Your JibJab in my Facebook!

Huzzah!  We’ve been building up to this moment for months and now we’re happy to announce that JibJab pictures and videos have hit the Facebook Gift store, allowing the world to oh-so-easily post videos from our massive library to your friends Facebook walls on birthdays, holidays or whenever!  You may have read about it last […]

JibJabbing on Jimmy Fallon with Weird Al!

Tune into Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tomorrow, Wednesday the 28th and catch Weird Al Yankovic’s live performance of CNR!  Its the first, or one of the first live performances of the song and we’re really excited to hear it, plus it doesn’t hurt that they’ll be playing the JibJab music video behind Al’s performance!  […]

Making Zombies Come to Life

We’ve shared a considerable amount of behind the scenes on this year’s projects, but having not had a full time blog running last year, now may be the perfect opportunity to show everyone how we put the infamous Zombie Party together.  In this animatic/behind the scenes video, you’ll see that we had intricate undead hands […]

Transforming Teams

We thought it was pretty awesome when self proclaimed news junkie Mike Bucc from Albany sent his favorite local TV news crew a Monster Mash starring the televised team… but wouldn’t you know it, they showed the video on the news that night and gave him a shout out!  Double awesome!  Since this cool happenstance, […]

Making Good Use of the Mash [UPDATE]

We always get a kick out of how fans keep finding new ways to use JibJab Starring Yous. With Monster Mash this month, we’ve seen folks apply the technology into some new situations that were so awesome we had to share. The Arizona Orthadontic Studio outside of Pheonix is running an all-orthadontist Monster Mash in […]

The Monster Mash Animatic

Take a look at the animatic from our Monster Mash video and you’ll see the skeleton behind the creation of a Starring You.  Location concepts and character angles are decided right away and usually make it to the final cut, the dancing however is quite often left to interpretation.  While the story remains the same, […]

Our Backgrounds Should be Your Backgrounds!

We’re so proud of the backgrounds our design team cooked up for the Monster Mash that we’re offering some of our favorites up at high resolution for you to use as your desktop wallpaper!  Click the images below to nab a bigger version of them and right click to set as your desktop background.   […]

A Count you can Count on

As Monster Mash soars over 7 million views, we continue to look behind the scenes.  Its probably just as fun for us to act in Starring You videos as it is for our fans to cast their faces on the site.  We’re lucky enough to have a staff full of goofballs who added quite a […]

Rule of Thumbs

When launching a ton of new content all over the site like we did with Halloween, the responsibilities involved are massive.  Every piece we launch goes through testing, tweaks, renders and troubleshooting with a whole team of people. That aside, one of the biggest tasks can be getting graphics and thumbnails together so we can […]

Refreshing Night of the Living Dead

Released in 2007 while the primaries were just heating up for the 2008 election, Night of the Living Republicans and Night of the Living Democrats were a mix of clips from Night of the Living Dead and some original footage we shot and animated. Now that we know who won the election, we wanted to […]

Vote us for Most Creative Use of Facebook Connect!

Pssst. Got a free second? We’re hankering for a nomination at Mashable’s 3rd annual open web awards and you can help us out! Since early this summer, we’ve fully integrated Facebook Connect into our site, allowing people to grab photos from their friends’ Facebooks albums and easily post Starring You creations to any Facebook wall. […]

Where Have We Seen That Brain Before?

More Monster Mash fun-factoids!  Shooting dozens of videos a year on our little green screen, we often use our small stash of props in as many ways as we can.  JibJabbers with keen eyes will notice toy guns, beat up suits and other hand props making a few repeat appearances.  When it came time to […]

Many Many Mashes!

The response to our celebrity cast Monster Mash contest was overwhelming!  Thanks to all who entered.  In the end, we decided to award the top 10 mashes with free memberships! Here are 3 of our favorites (the rest can be viewed below). The Monster View by Kate Bettis Cereal Killer Mash by Randy Ford Classic […]