Monthly Archives: October 2009

Free Membership Mash!

JibJab is holding a contest! We want to see your best celebrity casting of the new Monster Mash video! Post your best 5 some of celebs to our facebook, @ our twitter or in this blog’s comments. This Monday the 12th we will announce our favorite cast and award a free year long membership! Folks […]

Scribble Talk

JibJab pal Alex Hirsh stopped by the studio while we were laying down CNR footage with Weird Al to film a very special first episode of his series Scribble Talk!  Al was more than happy to oblige and today we finally got to see the result!  Can you say way cool?

The Bride Was a … Guy!?

More fun Monster Mash trivia!  We needed someone with extra lanky arms for our monstrous bride and our casting landed right on Jeff, who did a wonderful bride boogie for us.  For covering up his manliness, long sleeves and gloves did a wonder!  When we can, we like to use gloves and loosefitting clothes as […]

Wearing Werefeet

When making characters for our Starring You dances, everything but the head is costume designed and made up. Sometimes in our little 425×319 pixel movies, you lose great details that take a lot of time to put together. That brings us to the werewolf from the Monster Mash, who we gave some really cool, but […]

Do the Monster Mash!

It’s officially witching season and we’re pumped to finally release our frighteningly good Starring You Monster Mash! We’ve pushed our technology further than ever with this one, implementing aforementioned tinting technology and making hair pieces even more ridiculous than the huge Soul Train afros we introduced last month. Since our launch this morning Monster Mash […]

Daily Scrum

When we’re developing new technologies, schedules move fast and change often.  That’s why our tech team rounds up once daily for a scrum meeting, a simple way of letting everyone know what has been accomplished, what is on the plate for the day and what hurdles may be in their way.  Having a daily development […]

Our Intricate Tree Set

Anyone who has thoroughly perused JibJab has probably noticed our intricate stop-motion animations.  There have been an array of amazing clay creatures seen on our site and this week we’ve been breathing life into this quirky little pine tree using the infamous frame by frame capture process.  It’s mind meltingly tedious work, but the end […]