Monthly Archives: November 2009

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

A teaser is ticking away over on a certain website. They’re coming…

Stress Balls

We are in insane crunch mode right now as tech and art are wrapped for the holiday season.  Nights are late, mornings are early and it can get pretty intense.  So we started throwing these balls at each other.  It’s cathartic!  In fact, your blogger may have had a ball thrown at him after taking […]

At the YouTube Roundtable

As amazing the Los Angeles area is for finding and working with talent, it isn’t known for being the hub of all things internet related. That distinction goes to the cities surrounding the San Francisco bay, and we are constantly traveling that way to attend conferences and discuss innovations in the online world so that […]

The Best Way to Earn a Free Membership!

We were astounded to see the Monster Mash show up on news channels all over the country last week, but the best part is that we totally have our awesome community of JibJab fans to thank. JibJabbers took to tweeting and facebooking personalized Monster Mashes at and on the pages of local news teams and […]