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Month: December 2009

  • The Unsung Heroes of JibJab

    At JibJab, the sexy work often gets the “oos and ahs” of the crowd. Animators animating… product and engineering building cool new features… but who are the guys who make sure you, the audience, can actually experience all that magic? It’s the JibJab network team. From servers to storage to databases, these guys are toiling […]

  • Our MJ Tribute? This is it!

    Here’s another look at some of the puppetry going into our 2009 Year in Review (due in one week!). This time we’ve got a peek at our belated salute to the dearly departed King of Pop. We’re (hoping to!) cap off production today and finish the audio mix this evening. Then a well deserved holiday […]

  • When Will We Get the 2009 Year in Review?

    Fear not! JibJab’s 2009 year in review, entitled “Never a Year like 09′” is on it’s way, due Monday December 28th! We are still cranking away at it, adding more detail, more gags and more animation!  As we’ve teased before, this year’s review is being done almost ENTIRELY with paper cut-outs and puppets, leaving our […]

  • The Royal ElfYourself

    According to The Daily Mail, Prince Harry created an ElfYourself and sent it as his Christmas greeting this year!  About time dancing elves made the trades, though the site missed the most important thing, a link!  So in tribute to the idea of a royal ElfYourself, we cooked up a royally awesome equivalent.  Enjoy! Update: […]

  • Chopped Tree Footage

    Our first idea for our Tree Slaughter video was a bit more heavy on the “slaughter” than a season’s greeting needed to be. We toned it down, but the original will live forever in our minds (and on this blog!).  Warning, the following lumberjack attack is for mature audiences only.

  • Chat with JibJab Live on!

    JibJab is going live!  Thanks to, we are getting the opportunity to live stream a video meet-and-greet-fun-time-chat this Thursday at 4pm Pacific Time (7pm Eastern). is the biggest name in live streaming broadcasts and we’re excited to jump on board!  So this Thursday, take a little break and meet Gregg Spiridellis, half the […]

  • Elf Yourself Animatic!

    And you thought your face on the elves was funny. This look behind the curtain at how we made ElfYourself’s singing medley was far too ridiculous not to share.  Special props to Devin and Ian for being hilarious at all times.


    This weekend marks the start of Hanukkah! Huzzah!  And with the season, we get another amazing music video from for JibJab friend and collaborator Eric Schwartz aka Smooth-E! Check out his latest Jewish jam “Honkia Electronica” below! Got a hankerin’ for more Hanukkah stuff? Check out our collection of Hanukkah eCards here. Want more Smooth-E? […]

  • Christmas Carol Concepts

    We’ve posted another Facebook album full of art on our … Facebook.  This time we chronicled the dickens out of our Charles Dickens masterpiece, A Christmas Carol!  Click on to see a story of Christmas past!

  • Our RagTag Christmas Tree

    We busted the old tree out of the box this week, adorning her with candy canes, ElfYourself ornaments and the occasional Nasty Santa doll left over from a few years back.  For a star, we made good use of a JibJab beanie cap with a dart stuck on it.  That’s just how we roll here.  […]

  • You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out Wallpapers!

    As we like to do after releasing new projects, we’re making a few of our backgrounds available for your desktop background!  Just click any of these backgrounds from You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out and you’ll get a massive, free image to right click and set as a festive holiday wallpaper!

  • The ElfYourself Album

    For one final look behind the scenes at ElfYourself, we’ve posted a Facebook album with our 37 favorite photos.  Enjoy! Meanwhile, has anyone seen this awesome video of the elves arriving in New York City? Epic!

  • Banned in Iran

    A staffer at JibJab has family in Iran and they passed over this little nugget of information to the studio… has been banned for the entire country! This is part of a censorship that has been ongoing for the past few years which has included Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. We just can’t figure out […]

  • And now presenting…

    The cutest iteration of the phrase “JibJab” to ever be uttered. /Cutie courtesy of Anthony, JibJab flex developer and father!

  • The Faces Behind the ElfYourself’s Dances!

    When it came to getting dancers for this year’s Hip Hop ElfYourself we knew exactly who to turn to… the incredible talents of the guys fromSickStep! You may recognize the moves of JibJab’s favorite dance crew from our last foray into break dancing, the aptly titled Breakin. Luckily they were cool with donning elf outfits […]