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Month: January 2010

  • Phillip’s Heads

    Sometimes we need to update our database with a horde of new heads for use as background characters in videos, or just to update our business cards (which feature our faces). So we call impromptu photoshoots and nab a variety of photos for every occasion. Here is Phillip displaying a range of emotions that would […]

  • The Fixer of all Things Computer

    Managing 40 computers of all shapes, makes and sizes is no easy task. Something is always buzzing, beeping or generally on the fritz and we’re lucky to have Mark around for when things go awry. When Mark isn’t working like crazy to keep our network alive at our datacenter, he is always ready to get […]

  • Thats a Wrap Chart!

    We have a big ol’ whiteboard up in our studio that lets everyone know what date we need to aim for when wrapping animation on projects. Usually, taking a photo of this board would be giving away many months worth of stuff, but since we’re launching all of our new Valentine’s Day videos this Tuesday, […]

  • Extra Figure Skating Photos

    We took far too many awesome photos while shooting our Figure Skating ‘Starring You’ not to share them all.  For that everything we missed, check out our latest album of behind the scenes pictures posted up on Facebook!

  • Avalanching

    To get the look of our skiing ‘Starring You’  video, we used half licensed footage of a real person skiing and half in studio footage of us playing around on skis in front of a green screen.  The last step was creating an avalanche of snow for the ‘Starring You’ skier to escape.  So we […]

  • When it Rains, it Hails

    Hail pelted the skylights above our studio today and caused a bit of a ruckus as our staff ran to catch a rare glimpse of ice falling from the sky in Southern California.  Meanwhile, a week’s worth of torrential downpour has caused random power outages in our building, shutting down our computers more than a […]

  • Never a Typo Like 09′

    Ouch. Grammar fail.  When we put out our 2009 Year in Review, the images and text whizzed by too fast for most to get picky about sentence structure, but an eagle eyed fan found us out! In a customer support e-mail, a fan named Debbie wrote: “You have an embarrassing grammatical error in your video, […]

  • Indoor Skiing

    In order to get the awesome angles and movements of an airborne downhill skiier, we couldn’t follow suit with our figure skating video and shoot on location.  Instead, Devin donned a whole mess of ski gear and made the moves for us against our green screen, sitting on ledges and wiggling his skiis around for […]

  • On Location: Our All Nighter Figure Skating Shoot!

    Several months ago we posted a flyer up at the Pickwick Gardens skating rink in Burbank, looking for a pair of professional figure skaters to show us their stuff and hopefully put on an impressive display for a new ‘Starring You’ video. Boy did we luck out! Soon after our posting, we were contacted by […]

  • A Happy Birthday from Hobo Divine!

    We’ve been working with some new artists to expand the variety of birthday cards in our collection and we’re psyched to share our collaboration with Jamie Mason AKA Hobo Divine.  Jamie recently posted a behind the scenes blog on the graph paper sketches he made up for the new birthday card, which is definitely worth […]

  • We Made the Local News!

    As the elves of ElfYourself prep to make their voyage back to the North Pole this weekend, we’re looking back at all the cool milestones we hit this year, including the impressive number of local news stations that elfed themselves! So many states had their news teams elfing, and many were thanks to fans tweeting […]

  • Heads Up! One Month Till Valentine’s Day!

    It’s one month’s time until Valentine’s Day, and while we won’t be launching our newest JibJab Valentine’s Day cards until February, now is the time to order hard good gifts in order for delivery by Feb the 14th.  Ready to avoid the lameness of stopping by the drug store the day before and picking out […]

  • Triple Lutzing Onto The Site Next Week…

    We’ve got a few new Starring You videos hitting the site next week and this is your first peek at one we’re super excited about unleashing upon the world.  Wait’ll you see how we pulled off putting your head onto spinning skaters…

  • The Elves Are Packing It Up

    On January 18th, the elves of ElfYourself will be headed back to the North Pole, not to return until the next holiday season.  With going offline, this also means that your ElfYourself creations will be lost, unless downloaded to your desktop.  If you need instructions on downloading ElfYourself movies to save forever, check out […]

  • YouTubin’

    We’ve been having a little fun on YouTube this week, freshly skinning our page design over there and adding boat loads of fan made videos to our featured section.  We’re estimating that over 30 JibJab created videos hit YouTube every day thanks to our fans! Browsing through the massive assortment of JibJab inspired videos shared […]