Monthly Archives: January 2010

Meet Me In “This Land”

Our central meeting room is nick named “This Land”, for reasons we shouldn’t have to explain if you’re reading this blog.  It must see at least four or five meetings a day, be it tech brain storming, laying out the calendar for the months ahead or going over scripts with tweaks.  Mostly though, it sees […]

The Hand Library

Not everyone may know that many of the artists and programmers at JibJab also work for us as models.  Sounds glitzy, right? Our good looks are undeniable. We often nab people while they’re working at their desks for a quick photoshoot to fill out the assets we need for animating, and one of the biggest […]

Even more “Never a Year” pics!

Even with our massive behind the scenes blog, there are still a bunch of cool shots we wanted to share with you guys. Check out our Facebook album full of leftovers, just make sure to press “like” on every image.

Never a Year Press!

We were lucky enough to get the Year in Review picked up by many-a-major news source over the last week! Here are some of our favorites, including a TechCrunch article, some color commentary from ABC News, NewTeeVee write up, a Reuters review and our feature on CNN! Pretty awesome stuff.  Also be sure to check […]