Monthly Archives: February 2010

Behind the Irish Step

While we are gearing up to release lots of fun for St. Patrick’s Day next week, we wanted to go BACK IN TIME to revisit a ‘Starring You’ favorite… the Irish Step.  Meet Jason Gorman, Meredith Lyons, Carol Coyne and sisters Elsa & Anna Johnson.  Back in 2008, we found these dancers as part of […]

JibJab on ESPN?

We’ve seen coverage from news sources of every type, but it’s all too rare that we make ESPN. Due to a heavy endorsement from Mike & Mike in the Morning (who are celebrating 10 years) and ESPN’s Page 2, we saw a big jump in the number of Figure Skating ‘Starring You’ vids made today! […]

Snuggie in the House

In the JibJab offices, temperatures are temperamental. It can be sweltering hot in here one day, freezing cold the next. While we’ve been moving fans around and eating frozen lemonade, Maureen has the right idea. She’s been boldly rocking the pink Snuggie at work all day as she renders videos out for us.

Getting Conventional

In order to keep on the technical up-and-up, we are consistently splitting up and visiting as many conventions as possible. We follow animation very closely, as well as social networks, internet trends, interactive technology and anything having to do with taking, uploading, manipulating and storing photos. Today we’ve got a crew of four at the […]

JibJab’s Toy Stash

Most of the people at JibJab have fun little toys on our desks. Some display ridiculous props from our videos, while others feature favorite cartoon characters and action figures. But nobody’s collection comes even close to Dave on our design team, whose love for all things anime and geek have resulted in a collection that […]


You may have noticed the wide variety of grey, semi transparent question-mark heads that grace our site as we put up ‘Starring You’ content. “Who are these mysterious people?” you might ask. We call the question-mark faces “ghostheads” here at the JibJab offices, and they consist of current JibJab employees, past JibJab employees, friends, family […]

We’ve Got Mad Flow

Building an interactive website is tricky stuff, you’ve got to account for where people end up if they create an eCard, allow them to loop around back to the start, let them branch off into social networks or gift stores and account for if they are logged into the site, members or non-members, Facebook connect […]

The Thank You Button

We’ve recently added a new tool into our eCards that demands a little write up: now when you receive any JibJab eCard, you will see a button that prompts you to thank the person who sent a JibJab your way. We’ve made thanking easy, by creating a special category of all-free-eCards so members and non-members […]

Valentine’s Day with the Ukulady!

Last year we had the pleasure of meeting Thessaly Lerner (alias: the UkuLady). With her syrupy sweet voice, tender ukulele strumming and completely insane lyrics, she made herself a hit on YouTube and beyond… thusly a collaboration was in order! She wrote us some particularly quirky songs for birthdays, graduation and anniversaries, and came down […]

Let’s Get Physical, on Facebook

We were psyched to learn that the song “Let’s Get Physical” was just named Billboard’s SEXIEST SONG OF ALL TIME.  Since we had such a great time working out to the song last month while filming our ‘Starring You’ version, we figured we should share a Facebook album full of our best behind the scenes […]

The Bits and Pieces Behind Kama Sutra

When we set out to match the truly unique style of the Kama Sutra for a sultry Valentine’s Day card, the first step was to do our homework…  which of course meant looking through the ancient Indian text over and over. We poured through a variety of Kama Sutra books and images on the internet, […]

JibJab’s Romeo & Juliet

The crown jewel from our stash of new Valentines has to be Romeo & Juliet.  In order to tell the greatest love story ever told, we had to condense it down to a minute, like we did in 2009 with Jowls and Shoot Your Eye Out. Check out the journey the story made, what we […]

Reflecting Back on “Let’s Get Physical”

Shooting “Let’s Get Physical” at a gym was a ton of work for us, namely because of the mirrors. You know how gyms are, almost all weightlifting areas are completely surrounded by mirrored walls, making it an intense challenge to find good angles of our duo as they lifted without catching their reflections in one […]

Where we got “Let’s Make Out”

We’re pretty active when it comes to seeking out cool talented people to collaborate with, hunting down internet celebrities, taking hints from friends and browsing Youtube thoroughly. When Andy, our director of development stumbled across the YouTube video below, it pleaded to be transformed into a JibJab Sendable. The makeouts were irresistible and prompted us […]

Buy Something Awesome… get a Free Membership!

We’re trying something new this month with the help of TrialPay, a nifty service that gives you free goodies when you purchase stuff like Netflix subscriptions and online wine.  Up until February 14th, when you purchase something through their site you’ll earn a 6-month JibJab membership as an incentive.  All-in-all there are 17 ways to […]