Monthly Archives: March 2010

Lost Lost Matzahmatic

The Matzahmatic below reveals our original plans for Matzah, along with some deleted scenes and verses. Compare it to the final video embedded further below!

Behind the Matzah

As a Passover treat, we dug up our photo albums and production files from 5 years ago to expose all the really cool, really hard work that went into the awesomest Pesach rap to grace the internet. Click here to check out our production art, and click here to compare to the final product!

Cleveland Rocks!

We caught a Facebook fan last night posting about a JibJab mention on The Cleveland Show and we had to hunt it down. Apparently Cleveland Brown is a fan of our work. *huffs fingernails* Thanks for the shout out Cleveland! By the way, we added in the “spinner” with Cleveland’s voice.

Busting Bunny Moves

The majority of our stop motion animations start with hand drawn animations that are impressive by themselves. Devin told us that the most integral part of getting the animation right on this one was to practice all the dance moves in person. Now there’s a video we wish we had. Send “Easter Dinner” by following […]

Not that kind of love…

While creating a postable inspired by our chocolate cravings, we quickly realized that the family-friendly concept we were going for could go awry quite easily. A quick image flip and we were back on track… close call.

Rocking Lunch with NELSON!

Our staff has an addiction to rock star lifestyle, we’re willing to admit it, especially looking back at all the guitar shredding moments that we’ve had over the last year. So when legendary rockers like the guys from Nelson call us up, we heed the call.  We were excited to find out that they were […]

Keep An Eye Out…

Anthony has been testing out webcam technology for a new super secret project we have in the works.  Using a camera hooked up to your computer, pretty soon you should soon be able to take a facial photo for a “Starring You” video right at your desk!  We’ll be announcing the massive project next month […]

Concept Cotton Tails

Romney came up with these little guys when he was assigned to design a bevvy of bunnies for an upcoming Easter animation.  We ended up going with the tall rabbit on the right and made a clay model out of it for stop-motion animating.

Live with Regis, Kelly & JibJab!

Have you tuned into Live with Regis and Kelly this week?  If you have, chances are you’ve seen JibJab’s animated dances featured on the show, a cameo we are extremely excited about! The people at Regis and Kelly were radical enough to approach us about providing some background animation for their *takes a deep breath* […]

The Conversation with Scott Kirsner

Newteevee just posted up a video interview of interest featuring JibJab founders Gregg and Evan.  Conducted by Scott Kirsner of Cinema Tech, the chat covers all sorts of JibJab stories from days of yore, from the challenges of streaming singing animations over 56k connections to today’s plans to cover our production costs.  Check it out […]

Follow the Rainbow to Facebook Photos

We just posted up some concept art on Facebook from our two new videos this year, the Breakdancing Leprechaun and a Few St. Paddy’s Pints check them out by clicking this link or the picture below! Bonus goodie: The animatic to our Stop Motion short!

Sharing St. Paddy’s Fun with the Team

Lauren, our beyond incredible Production Director, sends out a ridiculously thorough email to the team when we launch new content.  For our St. Patrick’s Day launch, things were no different. Here is a taste of what we see in our inboxes when new content becomes available.