Monthly Archives: April 2010

More Making of the Musical Kitchen!

Creating upwards of 8 kitchen based puppets that could sing and speak in their own unique ways was a tough chore. Have you ever tried to attach eyes to a feather duster? Devin and Mike stepped up to the task to bring these creatures to life for our Mother’s Day short. Take a closer looksy […]

The Making of a Musical Kitchen!

We took our puppeteering aspirations to another level with “Musical Kitchen” our latest Mother’s Day extravaganza, creating a series of kitchen based creatures that could sing, dance and clean! But getting to that point took several incarnations of video. First up, Andy scratched out his concept with some free style beatboxing. From there we put […]

A Visit From Professor Jackdaws

Professor Knestor Jackdaws (aka Voice of JibJab Jim Meskimen) stopped by our studio a few months ago for a tour and the video just went up.  YouTube favorite Nalts even did a write up on the video, which tours our facilities and interviews Evan.  Check out the tour below and the article through this link!

The Kardashian Seal Of Approval

We’ve got it.

Earth Day Desktop

Justin came up with an Earth Day image that’s so cool and detailed, we wanted to share it as a desktop background. Click the image for a high res version and make sure to make some free Earth Day cards by April 22nd!

JibJab’s Horoscope!

Renowned Astrology expert and horoscope writer Rick Levine took a stab at our company’s horoscope recently, and came up with some very accurate and interesting results! After giving him’s inception date, we let Rick do the rest and couldn’t help but share on the blog. He is known throughout the world as a master […]

Postable Process!

Trish recently shared with us the process she goes through to make a postable. Check it out! Every postable starts with the background. It can be simple… though some of the artists here go all out. For Character Layout I use references to create the poses, and build little gray versions of each piece. I […]

The Team

We took a new team photo (our first in over a year) with our JibJab shirts on, the most stylish accessory since the handlebar moustache.

Using iPad in the Field

Several of us rushed out to nab iPads last weekend and while we’ve mostly been reading eBooks and watching “Muppets in Space”, this historic photo below may capture JibJab’s first practical use of an iPad. Evan loaded his iPad with one of the many Mother’s Day videos we’re working on and we hopped outside to […]

Justin on Our New Postables

Today we offer two new pieces of eCard art with a little insight from Justin, the artist who created them. Send the Cheer Up eCard here and the Good Luck eCard here! “After taking a careful look at our site me and Trish were alarmed at the lack of creepy clown content available to our […]

Snake Lady!

Last week we had Monica from the Venice Beach Freakshow in the studio for our artists to brush up on their life-drawing skills. The cool part? She brought her snake! This marks the first real live serpent that we’ve had within our walls. That we know of.

Cardboard Counterparts

Last week was bittersweet as two of our staffers set sail from the JibJab offices to work for us remotely in locations outside of Venice, CA. We were sad to not have Johan and Amanda’s smiling faces around the office, so a few weeks ago we tricked them into posing for some full body photos […]

Easter Bunny Variations

As we roll into Easter weekend, here is an up-close look at the clay bunnies we created for our stop-motion piece, with a pear for size reference. We like to stay healthy. The ears and arms were reused for the squished version of the bunny, while the eyes had to be molded to bug out […]

JibJab Roulette

Big sites have been changing this week, Digg revealed a new layout, YouTube updated it’s design and we’ve added new features to our community that we’ve been working on for a long time to make reality. JibJab now supports webcams for birthday greetings! For now, we haven’t figured out exactly how to connect you with […]

April Foolin

For April Fools this year, we kicked around a bunch of ideas before landing on JibJab Roulette… Announcing a flash-compatible tablet computer for accessing our website… and nothing else Introducing “Starring You Sympathy eCards for Funerals”, featuring a breakdancing Pallbearer Redirecting the homepage to and old incarnation of our site via the Way Back Machine […]