Monthly Archives: May 2010

JibJab on the Jumbotron!

Here’s a first for us… as Andy, our Director of Development, enjoyed a Dodger game this weekend, he was surprised to find himself treated to our Star Wars Starring You on one of the biggest screens you can find! Evan writes “It looks like a giant iphone being lowered on strings from a hole in […]

8-bit Birthday Bites!

We recently put together a birthday card that drew upon our love for old school video games.  Figuring out exactly how to present it went through several phases.  In our first incarnation, Jeff pitched an awesome animatic where the gag was a little more twisted than the final product. The next step was taking our […]

Singing Eggs: Live!

This clip is from the making of Easter Egg Chorus, from our 2009 Easter content push.  We could have just released the unanimated version, huh?

Rest, Relaxation and Rollercoasters

After working ourselves into the ground to bring Star Wars to the world, the team got a pleasant surprise, in the form of a trip to 6 Flags Magic Mountain!  Witness some of our hijinks on video.

The Doc Side

We passed around a google doc for organizational purposes while tackling the massive project of turning three films worth of footage into a ‘Starring You’ movie. As you can see, it’s pretty intense and colorful, but it does wonders with keeping the project organized, tracked and looping in everyone involved. This doc for “Return of […]

An Awesome Addition and a Major Loss

We wanted our offices to reflect the awesomeness that Star Wars: Starring You has brought to our site, so we bestowed a challenge upon one of our craftiest co-workers. Devin was asked to create a mega sized Millennium Falcon to hang in our tech suite, and boy did he step up to the plate. Click […]

CupCake De Mayo

Yesterday we celebrated Cinco De Mayo as traditionally as one can, with tequila, cervezas and a giant cupcake pinata. Too bad our parking lot doesn’t have any trees.

The Press is Strong With Us!

A huge thanks to everyone who made yesterdays Star Wars launch an explosive success! We were completely overwhelmed with the amount of love we received, from some pretty well respected peeps. Click the images below to hear podcasts, see videos and read articles chronicling the most epic Starring You we’ve ever produced. Gregg and Evan […]

Star Wars Starring You!

So we’re kind of super-insanely-excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Lucasfilm to bring Star Wars – Starring You to the world, which boasts a Starring You recap of each of the original three Star Wars movies. Since we’ve been keeping this secret for, say, half a year, we’ve got a lot of fun […]