Monthly Archives: June 2010

JibJab and Facebook Permissions

For those of you connecting your JibJab account to Facebook in order to access photos and post to walls, Facebook is now taking steps to make privacy setting simpler to control.  Read more their article about what is changing on the Facebook Developers Blog.  We’re excited to be part of a fun, but safe network […]

Still Feeling the Force

Star Wars Starring You is still going strong and we’re still feeling the force in the studio… namely due to the ten or so cardboard cut outs we’ve strategically placed around every corner. It took us a few months to get used to their silhouettes hanging around (every once in a while when closing up […]

Thank You!

Dear JibJabbers, Today we announced a very exciting milestone as a company: over the past twelve months, we have processed over 1 million orders from customers. Why is this so exciting? Three years ago, our future was very uncertain.  We were having huge success getting audiences to see our political satires, but we were unable […]

For Immediate Release: JibJab hits 1MM Transactions!

This morning we sent out a statement announcing one of our biggest milestones ever, 1 million transactions!  So far TechCrunch has picked up the story as well, check out the press release below! JIBJAB MILESTONE: ONE YEAR, ONE MILLION TRANSACTIONS Company Establishes Leadership Position in Personalized Entertainment VENICE, CA – June 28, 2010 – JibJab, […]

Bring Your Dog to Work Day!

While every day is bring your dog to work day for Sammie, our office pug, today is bring your dog to work day for the rest of our JibJabbers with pets.  Meet Lucy and Oliver, a German Sheperd mix and corgi respectively.  Both were rescue dogs, Lucy was saved just last week from the Downey […]

Updating/Downloading The Star Spangled Banner

We revisited more than one piece for the Fourth of July this year…  in 2008, when we offered our collaboration with as an Independece Day eCard, it featured footage of presidents from the past century, sliced up to sing us a rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner”.  After a few years passed on our […]

Touching Up Our Tracks

The original Founding Fathers track was recorded a decade ago, with a track created by Adrienne Spiridellis, JibJab Founding Brother Evan Spiridellis’ wife.  For Founding Fathers 2010, we got the help of audio master John Frrizzell, who spruced up the original track, running a recording through his iPhone, through a megaphone and back into a […]

Founding Fathers’ Rap Remake!

Everyone in the studio is super excited about our Founding Fathers Rap redux/reboot/remix/revamp/remake/what-ever-you-might-call-it.  The original was one of the first animations we did using collage style animation and this year marks it’s tenth anniversary on  Since then, we’ll admit we’ve gotten a little better at animation.  Check out the decade old version with full […]

Print Your Dad His Own Beer Label!

Dads love beer.  It’s basic science.  We sketched this new Father’s Day postable with that principle in mind.  Our recommendation?  Make one here.  Take a screen shot (Windows, Mac). Print it out.  Cut it out.  Wrap around beer bottle.  Present to dad! [Update] Did you give a beer bottle to Dad?  The first picture we […]

Action Dad Accessories

Our new Action Dad postable, very clearly inspired by our love for GI Joe action figures, has a few fun accessories that you might have missed. Here they are all blown up. While our postables remain a standard size for sharing online, we use super hi-res versions for the mugs and cards in our gift […]

Building the Pyramid

Our new Fatherly Food Pyramid postable is pretty extreme. But it used to be even more so.

Chopping Up Kung Fu Dad

Have you seen Kung Fu Dad yet? If you haven’t, you owe it a watch.  The goal was to make a companion piece to Mother’s Day’s One Bad Mutha and this time around we found even better fighting footage to apply to the Father’s Day version of the card.  It’s hard making fight scenes from […]

The Rap on Dad

Father’s Day is looming this weekend and we’ve reacted accordingly by updating our library of eCards with new stills and videos galore.  Among the coolest new cards we’ve debuted this week is Dad Rap, a poppin tribute to pop that puts the ‘hood’ back in ‘fatherhood’.  Fun fact: that bling? It’s wooden. Hey, it’s not […]

Soccer is Ballin’!

We knew we wanted to do something big to coincide with World Cup fever, especially for our awesome throng of international fans.  Little did we know just how popular a Starring You soccer scrimmage would be! In just two days, over half a million people found our fun football short, thanks in part to an […]

Anniversary Animals

We’re wrapping our series on commitment with Anniversary Animals, our most recent piece and what we hope will be a popular Starring You for couples celebrating years together. This little ditty was written, composed and sang by Steffon Moody, who is Evan’s brother-in-law.  Here’s a link to his website!  Romney then illustrated this card for […]