Monthly Archives: June 2010

Realer Vows Than You Might Think!

Real Vows and Marriage is Scary are yet two more awesome addition to our most committed category, Weddings & Engagement.  Written in house by our writers last year, both pieces were produced by the getting-more-insanely-popular-by-the-day Dane Boe.  For these shorts we got a real couple, Sarah and Matt Pittenger, who were just weeks away from […]

Mate for Life

We’re continuing to look at some of the new content we’ve recently cooked up for our Wedding and Anniversary categories, this time with a wedding Sendable by the name of Mate for Life! We released Mate For Life amist Mother’s Day and Star Wars madness and now we’re finally giving it some of the recognition […]

JibJab Gets Committed

We’ve been on a streak for the last few months, working to bring more unique animations and videos to our site’s Wedding and Anniversary categories.  This week, we’ll look at some of the pieces we’ve put up with some behind the scenes info as accompaniment! First up is Octopus Anniversary.  The idea was originated in […]

Yucatan Guacamole Wagon!

JibJab’s Wagon Wednesdays have become so infamous that we were recently approached by our friends at Yucatan Guacamole with interest in having our wagon sponsored! The words “free guacamole” were too powerful to resist and today we had a party complete with mustaches, chips and music provided by the group.  We even live streamed it […]