Monthly Archives: July 2010

2006 Flashback: Double Rainbow All the Way!

Double rainbows were just as incredible four years ago as they are today.  Back in 2006, our whole office had to step outdoors to catch a glimpse of a rare spectacle in Southern California, where it hardly rains at all!  It’s so intense…

Intern Inception

This summer we have had four amazing interns helping us out on the production side of the offices.   They’re either really motivated, dedicated or just bored with anything that’s not animation.  It’s not surprising to see them pulling late nights, or even early mornings… which opens them up to a bit of embarrasment every once […]

JibJabbers at Nerdy Gras

We’ve posted a photo album from our exploits in San Diego over the weekend.  Thanks to the many fans we met, hope you enjoy your JibJab schwag!

Con Artists

JibJab is going to Comic-Con! In total almost a dozen JibJabbers are headed down to San Diego this weekend, and while there isn’t an official JibJab booth (next year!) we will be out and about, with rare JibJab collectibles in hand to give away to fans. Some of us are exhibiting our personal art, like […]

Flash Back to the Great Sketch Experiment!

Back in 2006 we gathered John Landis and some of the best minds in comedy for an experiment the likes the world has never seen! We had so much great behind the scenes footage, we wanted to make it all available again! Click below to watch the intro video, see the final entries, browse behind […]

Extra Creepy Crawlers

Our latest project started with a “Thank You” song written by Steffon and Arlette Moody. How Justin and Mike came to the idea for a subterranean chorus of creepy crawlers, even they don’t know. We’ve posted up an album on Facebook featuring the art that brought our new eCard together, with sets made of clay […]


We just had another web start-up join us in the building, so we invited them over to our studio for a beer.  The group, is dedicated to categorizing every single awesome movie moment into one searchable site.  Pretty worthwhile pursuit, eh?  You can check them out at their website, where their collection grows bigger […]

JibJab Meets Mad Men

We’re huge fans of Mad Men here at JibJab and when AMC approached us about adapting the last three seasons of the series into a minute-long recap with a JibJab twist, we jumped on the opportunity.  Now Mad Men Starring You is live on our site, with the ability to cast yourself as Mad Men […]

The Dog that Tweets

Sammie the office pug is a lot of things… noisy, nosy and now… connected.  He started his own Twitter account today, make sure to keep up with his office antics by following him here!

Kazoo Guy Does 4th of July!

You’re a Grand Old Flag is our first of six kazoo videos releasing this year, and dang is it fun! We found Mister Tim, the talented gentlemen starring in the video, on the interwebs, where he became famous for his rocking rendition of Enter Sandman. Yes, that’s all the same guy, and yes, he really […]

Goodbye, Mr. Cook

Alan Cook, artist, animator and Canadian extraordinaire is leaving JibJab this week, headed to Oregon.  His foot print on the site is massive and we will miss him dearly.  In his honor, we all took to sketching our own little rendition of Alan in a book we presented to him on Friday.  Some of our […]

Founding Fathers: Facial Expression Edition

Check out the raw footage from our Founding Fathers’ Rap and see the facial expressions that go along with being as dope as we are.  Special thanks to Matt, Devin, Evan and Andy for having the moves to go along with the rhymes. Happy 4th of July!  For more behind the scenes pics, check our […]

JibJab Does Our Laundry???

We had a big team meeting today where we went over our three year plan (can you say AWESOME things on the horizon?).  Not to brag (ok, we’re bragging a little) but right at the end of the meeting, Gregg instilled a new office policy.  On Mondays, if JibJab employees bring in their dirty laundry, […]