Monthly Archives: September 2010

Halloween and Widescreen are Here!

We make major updates to the site’s code about once a month and yesterday’s Halloween release was a doozy.  First off, we’ve overhauled our video player to deliver you the first widescreen, 16×9 Starring You videos on our site!  Almost every video we produce from here on out will be 16×9.  We will also be […]

Halloween Countdown: The Witch

Today is the last rapper reveal until tomorrow’s launch of the Monster Rap! We wanted more ladies in the mix, and the Witch was a perfect addition to the gang, as played by the lovely and talented Adrienne Spiridellis. And that’s the line up! Tune in tomorrow when we launch this blood sucker and let […]

Halloween Countdown: Dracula

The Monster Rap drops this Thursday and we’re still revealing rappers. Dracula was a tough one to costume, it was rough finding that old school red vest, so we had to make it ourselves.  Below, Andy sports Dracula’s duds with style.

Halloween Countdown: Frankenstein

Today’s rapper reveal is the most obvious of them all, considering you can’t have the Bride of Frankenstein without the big green guy himself.  Us JibJabbers have a certain affinity for Franky, we’ve had him Monster Mash, dole out advice and gave him his own Presidential campaign ad a few years back. We did some […]

Halloween Countdown: DJ Bride O’ Stein

Continuing to put a contemporary spin on Halloween’s most classic monsters, we present DJ Bride O’ Stein, the record spinning disc jockey of our upcoming Halloween Rap. We built her a graveyard complete with tombstone amps and cold slabs of concrete to remix upon.  Together with the Mummy, they are two of five hip hop […]

Halloween Countdown! The Mummy

Last year we brought you the JibJab version of Monster Mash.  This year we’re taking things a more modern route with a project we’ve been brewing for months… the Halloween Rap. Leading up to it’s release, we’ll be taking a look at the characters you’ll be rapping as, starting with the original wrapper himself, The […]

Toying Around

We’ve been trying to keep sane with the obscene amount of Halloween and Christmas materials we’re prepping for our yearly holiday onslaught.  Part of the stress release has been aided by the help of Buckyballs, which we’ve all been enthralled with this week and can’t help but recommend you buy.  Also on the list is […]

The Starring You Progress Chart

Our studio got a new addition this week in the form of an informative whiteboard that will serve as a companion to our That’s a Wrap Chart.  With Starring You and animated videos, we take so many steps from project start to published art, it can be a chore just to figure out where we […]

We’re MIXX Award Finalists!

Cool, we’re up for an award! JibJab and Office Max (as well as Elm Public Relations and Grand Central Marketing) are finalists for a 2010 MIXX award in the “Viral Category”.  The iab, or Interactive Advertising Bureau puts on an award show every year, describing it as “the only interactive awards competition judged by an […]

Evan’s Ukulele Serenades

Lately Evan has taken up the Ukulele, keeping it at hand pretty much all day long.  As he checks in on our animators, you can hear him coming down the hall with a pleasant strum, the echos in our quiet studio are quite calming while we manage our extremely tight holiday schedule over the next […]

Monster Hands

The melancholy faces on Ian and Amia were hilarious as they tried on monster hands for some of the Halloween projects we’re working on. Just another day.

CNR on Tour

Weird Al‘s summer tour wrapped up this weekend after 55 shows.  At all of those shows?  Some rockin’ JibJab animation!  Rainn Wilson (you know, Dwight from The Office) nabbed this shot of Al rocking CNR on stage with a heavy dose of JibJab right behind him.  With the tour over, Al heads to the studio […]

Get JibJab’s Free Birthday Alerts!

Not everyone may know that we’ve completely revamped and relaunched our Birthday Alert service! Birthday Alert is a super helpful daily email reminder that uses your Facebook account to ping you with who is celebrating their birthday today and who will be celebrating in the week to come.  Right now we offer a fun-fact-of-the-day with […]

Scott MacDonald’s Postables

Today we’re spotlighting Scott MacDonald, a Canadian artist who has brought a unique style to our eCards stills. This week we’ve launched a few new pieces of his on our site, check those out along with some oldies but goodies! Here’s what you’ve got to choose from: What’s Shakin‘, Showin Some Love, Thanks Hold Up, […]

Lunch is on… the Interns?

After a nice long summer of animation (not to mention All Nighters and Techno Jumping) our interns are bidding us farewell today.  We had a few surprises in store for them upon their departure, school supplies, toilet paper, wallets with our pictures in them and some framed certificates. We certainly weren’t expecting to get anything […]