Monthly Archives: November 2010

Suiting Up Rock Stars!

For both Hanukkah Rock and Holiday Rock we wanted the boys of Rock Sugar to be sporting seriously decorative duds.  To accomplish this, we reteamed with costume designer Leighton Bowers, who had previously helped us bring the super-suit in He’s Barack Obama to life last year.  As if that wasn’t cool enough, she has also […]

Meet the Rockers, Rock Sugar!

We had the venue for our Holiday Rock, now we needed a bona fide rock band to make the production as authentic as possible.  Lucky for us, our buddy Jess Harnell just happened to head up a kickass group of rockers who had precisely the skills (and the hair) we were looking to feature in […]

Rock Location Scouting!

Welcome to the first part in our making of the Holiday Rock videos!  For this epic production we wanted to give the most realistic rock concert experience possible.  The best way to do that?  Hit up some real venues!  We made calls and visits all over LA, leaving no historic venue unturned.  The Viper Room, […]

Go Behind the Scenes with ElfYourself!

Another year, another two new ElfYourself videos to add to the ever growing collection at!  This year we got to make good on an idea we’ve been excited about tackling for years, ElfYourself Surf! Before we got to animating, we had dancers come down to our freshly painted blue-screen to film some new moves. […]

The Elfin DeGeneres Show!

Hey, stuff we made was on Ellen today! Ellen officially caught elf fever, showing the new ElfYourself 80’s video on air as well as posting the new ElfYourself Surf video to her website as a bonus! Now that’s an amazing start to the holiday season! Be like Ellen and get elfin’ here!

ElfYourself 2010 is Here!

We have so. much. stuff. to share after our big launch yesterday, but we might as well start with the biggest and best of all… ElfYourself is here! Two new dances join six classic ones and for the first time ever you can purchase them all together on high resolution DVDs.  Give ElfYourself 2010 a […]

Mustache Winners!

The submission period for our “Be the JibJab Guys” photo challenge closed Sunday and we were blown away by the entries we received!  We had originally planned to award twenty five folks with prizes, but in the end the 137 photos we received were so great we added an additional eleven winners to the mix! […]