Monthly Archives: December 2010

Coding With Charlie Brown

Poe popped the Charlie Brown Christmas special on while the tech team coded today and Anthony nabbed the snapshot.  Anyone not working here is now officially jealous.

Santa Claus Time Lapse Videos!

Max Winston just sent over these amazing time lapses of his work on our “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town” music video, which you can cast yourself in over here.  He created the incredible puppets you see in the short and brought them to life with hours upon hours of tedious stop-motion animating, which you […]

Putting the Hair in the Hairband

Holiday Rock was almost finished and looked great.  It needed one final touch to take it above and beyond anything we’ve ever done before. We broke new ground with this one.  Maybe even made some internet history…

The 2010 Year in Review arrives Sunday on CBS!

Why are there cameras, lights and mics in our humble pirate ship themed studio?  CBS Sunday Morning, an American Institution, visited today for a few interviews, a tour and plenty of great material which they will air alongside the WORLD PREMIERE of our 2010 Year in Review; “So Long To Ya 2010”!  You may think […]

5 Versions!?!

We set out to make make FIVE SEPARATE versions of every holiday piece we produced this year, which was a massive challenge.  Why so many versions of each video?  For casting we wanted to let people choose between a video featuring anywhere between 1-5 folks, meaning different layouts, grouping and shots for every incarnation.  While […]

Happi Honika!

We are crazy about rapper Smooth-E’s Honika Electronica!  The Tron spoofing song premiered last year before the new film even started advertising, making the rap almost better this year since the movie’s hype has grown.  With that in mind that we decided to contact the world’s greatest Jewish rapper to see if we could get […]


The only thing more fun than making a Holiday Rock video on our website is making a Holiday Rock video FOR our website.  Our entire staff was amped to rock out for the taping of our biggest and baddest holiday card ever.  While the focus of the final video is that it’s STARRING YOU, here’s […]

Elf… and ElfYourself!

Evan was watching TV (to be specific, the movie Elf!) with the fam when what should pop up on screen? A commercial OfficeMax had made for ElfYourself! Luckily, thanks to the miracle of DVR they could rewind and nab a second glance at all of it’s widescreen goodness.  Elfin awesome!

Pics From The JibJab Rock Show!

We really got to live out childhood dreams on the shoot for Holiday Rock.  On the day of filming we invited the entire JibJab staff down to the venue to rock out with us and create a lively crowd of rockers, along with any and all unemployed friends we knew (there are a lot of […]

Drums and Dreidels

We filmed Holiday Rock and Hanukkah Rock on the same day and one of the nicer little touches that you may notice in the background was this hand painted Dreidel bass drum image, created by Justin.

Movember Men!

November has come to a close, and with it the Movember, a month of mustache growth in order to raise awareness and funds for male cancer.  JibJabbers Bennett and Anthony both jumped on board the initiative and grew two handsome mustaches this month, enduring much ridicule and awkward stubble along the way. Together they’ve raised $600 […]