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Month: January 2011

  • It’s Ladies Night!

    Hey ladies. We’ve launched three new lady-approved Profile Pics, and to celebrate, we’re holding our first ever JibJab Ladies Night.  Tonight, all our profile pics featuring the fairer sex are free to make and add to Facebook for your profile picture needs. Oh and fellas, you can feel free to partake as well. If you’re […]

  • We Scoff at Your Box of Chocolates

    And also at your bouquet of flowers. While our new Valentine’s Day stuff hits the site next week, now is the time to order Valentine’s Day gifts of the JibJab variety.  How can you do this?  Visit this page and create any still image. Once you’re done, you’ll see a prompt to make gifts out […]

  • JibJab at SXSW!

    Good news! Our bid to get into SXSW made it’s way into a session called Future 15, hosted by Ryan Junell.  The panel on Tuesday March 15th features 15 guest speakers including our own Evan Spiridellis, who will talk about Starring You technology and how the world of interactive entertainment is evolving. Thanks to our […]

  • Star Wars Starring You Profile Pics!

    Along with our relaunch of Star Wars Starring You, we’re offering JibJab Members a dozen new castable Star Wars photos, featuring a slew of classic characters and their buddies, primed to be Facebook profile pics! We’ve also updated the site and made it super easy to download your pictures after creating them (ie: a giant […]

  • Star Wars Relaunch!

    We’ve relaunched the Star Wars Starring You trilogy, integrating the experience more seamlessly onto our site and making the three films even easier to create and share!  Use heads you’ve already uploaded to to cast your movies, share with ease and enjoy A New Hope, which has been made free for the first time […]

  • Tandem Trouble

    One of the new Valentine’s Day music videos we’re filming this week features a tandem bicycle, and working right near the Venice boardwalk, the easiest way to get our hands on a bike for two was renting one of the tourist bikes from down by the beach.  With the rental shop on the beach, there’s […]

  • 2010 in Starring You Videos

    In September we posted up a chart of top secret Starring You projects in progress.  Just a few months later we had completed a slew of them to cap off 2010! Here’s the list in a more complete form. Believe us, it felt good to put that last skull sticker on the chart. Not including […]

  • Fresh Year, Fresh Coat of Paint

    We trounce hard on our blue screen… and between dancers, paint, clay, puppeteering and confectioneries… the thing gets filthy. So once every few months we give it a fresh coat. Amia worked on this one late last night so it could be dry for shooting this morning. Hat tips to you, madame!

  • Waiting Area Additions

    To kick off 2011, we’ve added two friends to JibJab’s entrance way, sure to make great company for folks in our waiting area.