Monthly Archives: February 2011

Record Breaking Bieber Video!

Justin Bieber’s JibJab video just set the record for most Starring You vids created in a week! With over 400,000 made and several million viewed, we knew there had to be some pretty good stories out there from the folks using the technology. When we asked our “like”rs on Facebook who they cast beside the […]

Throwback 2: Charleston Starring You

Since we’ve relaunched several of our dances to be widescreen and include thematic hats/hair, we’re going back and uncovering some behind the scenes materials from our first batch of Starring You dance videos back in 2007.  Today’s subject is The Charleston, available in Facebook album form right over here.  You’ll marvel that our black and […]

Throwback to 2007: Disco Starring You

While we prepare to launch our new St. Patrick’s piece, we’ve got a little time to go through pictures and videos taken behind the scenes from before this blog was active.  Disco was one of our first Starring You videos, shot some four years ago.  Since then it remains one of our most popular videos, […]

JibJab Code on GitHub

Want some sweet, sweet open source code from the folks at JibJab?  Visit our new page at GitHub and you can grab any code we make available to the public.  Our first contribution is source code to create your very own Kudobot, a system we’ve had internally for about a year and a half that […]

The New JibJab Intro Vid!

So what exactly is this JibJab?  Where did it come from and what do they do there?  We’ve tried to make that answer much clearer with our new Welcome to JibJab video! Click it out below.

The Samba Story

Our latest dance has been in the works for a long, long time. We shot the Samba in December 09 and it has been on our to-do list throughout the last year (and change!).  To make it an authentic Brazilian dance experience, we brought in the pros, Kimberly Miguel Mullen and Emeka Simmons. Kimberly, who […]

You Want Wallpaper, Babe?

The response we got after posting our Facebook photo album full of I Got You, Babe art was fantastic, so to you we present high-res versions of our backgrounds, for you to make as your desktop background!  Just click any image to reveal a much larger version, drag/save that to your desktop and do your […]

Widescreen, Wigged Valentines

Along with our new Samba Dance and I Got You Babe music video, keen eyes may notice that our fare from years previous have received makeovers!  First up, widescreen. 14 videos were retrofitted in dimension from 4×3 to 16×9 to give you a cinematic JibJab experience. We’ve also added wigs and hats to the Starring […]

Justin Hits JibJab

When Justin Bieber’s crew came our way a few months ago about the prospect of a Starring You music video, we instantly came down with the fever.  Evan spent hours on end listening to Bieber jams (and singing them around the office) as he cut a Starring You video from Justin’s uber-popular video for “One […]

Teaser Fever

This just in. He’s coming to JibJab. Brace yourselves.

Bonus Babe Vid

Just a video as we near Valentine’s Day next week, showing our techniques behind rolling downhill, sans hill.

The Art of “I Got You Babe”

We’ve just posted the best photos and art from the making of “I Got You Babe” over on Facebook! As our Valentine’s Day tentpole for 2011, “I Got You Babe” was meticulously arranged from start to finish. Check out how we made it by clicking the photo below, then cast it over in the Valentine’s […]

We Got Animatics Babe!

See how we took our “I Got You Babe” video from soup to nuts! Below is our first animatic. Using the animation as a guide, Evan and his wife Adrienne took to the screen and brought the characters to life with extra gusto.  We had to take footage from the ceiling using a wide angle […]

The New eCards Page is live!

It’s been a few years since we tweaked the design of our eCards layout and after several months work, we think we’ve perfected making the page useful, simple and eye pleasing all at once. What’s different? You’ll notice birthday alerts at the top of the page if you are signed in through Facebook, a new […]