Monthly Archives: June 2011

A Promising Summer

Every summer here at JibJab we welcome in a group of highly talented, super cool interns to come on board and be a part of the team for 3 months.  We get hundreds of applicants for the JibJab Internship Program and the amount of talent out there is just staggering!  If we were a larger studio we would have hired […]

Star Spangled Rock!

Our new Fourth of July video is an homage to the great American rock stars of the 60s and 70s. With groovy guitar playing and Woodstock-appropriate apparel, this piece has us ready to rock out with our patriotism out! But before we do that, here’s a quick peek at how Anthony and Jeff filmed those […]

Take Your Dog To Work Day!

Check out some of the cute pups that get to spend the day in the office! For some, it is the greatest day of the year, others wish it is take your cat to work day.  Like Glennie, who claims her cat Yoda looks like a dog in a bandana. We also missed Dan’s daredevil […]

Volunteer Day!

Last Saturday some of the JibJab team took time out of their Saturday afternoon to volunteer at the Bresee Foundation, a nonprofit after-school program serving low-income youth in central Los Angeles.  Our mission was to help clean up the garden to create a cleaner, safer, and prepared for planting area! We had a great time […]

Big Daddy Dynamite

We’ve been jonesing over our latest 1970s-inspired Father’s Day eCard. This Blaxploitation parody had us laughing throughout the whole production process, even back when the video was nothing but a series of video clips with grainy voiceover. Check out this early version of Big Daddy Dynamite, complete with empty scenes and a temporary voice track, […]

Run Cycles

There are only a couple scenes in Take Me Out to the Ball Game where the main characters are actually running. In a 1.25 minute-long video with 22 scenes, you’d think a few seconds of running wouldn’t garner much attention from our animators. Not so! We spent a good amount of time doing test after […]

How-to Post to Facebook

Did you know there are a couple ways to share JibJab eCards and Starring You videos on Facebook? Here’s how! A couple of years ago, we made it really easy for Facebook users to create and share from the JibJab site with Facebook Connect.  You should probably connect your JibJab account via Facebook for a great experience with […]

How’d We Do That??

If you’ve made our Take Me Out to the Ball Game video more than once, chances are by now you’ve noticed that all 30 videos are actually the same.  The only difference is the uniforms, logos and colors that are unique to each team. Sounds like a small difference, but this became our biggest challenge […]

M-L-B-eautiful Designs!

Let’s take a moment to touch base with our artists (pun intended). In order to make sure they had the right look for each of our 30 Major League Baseball teams, they had to spend weeks poring over logo designs, team colors and uniforms. The next step was sketching a first draft of the main […]