Monthly Archives: July 2011


Girls giggling behind the studio door, five tear-off pants lined up on the wardrobe rack, the hit single “Da Dip” playing in the background…this can only mean one thing: The Chippendales have come to JibJab! We were lucky enough to spend a day with five Chippendales dancers who flew in straight from Las Vegas to […]

Yeah, Team!

We are gearing up to launch a new product next month and last Friday we hit a new milestone.  Here is Chris Poe, celebrating the team’s accomplishments.  Curious what we’ve got up our sleeve?  Stay tuned… Check out this video of the moment!

The Viral Voice

You remember the guy who is the voice behind our Original videos, Jim Meskimen. You know his George Bush impression from This Land and you’ve already heard his Bill Clinton. But what about his George Clooney? Or Woody Allen? Craig Ferguson? No?  Then check out his latest viral video!  In it he performs Clarence’s speech from William […]

Sick…but it’s SUMMER?!

There’s really nothing worse than getting a cold in the summer.  Right now at the JibJab offices a nasty cough is being passed around forcing all of us to add Emergen-C to our waters and avoid visiting the infected desks.  Colds, although very annoying, don’t keep us down for long since we work to create […]

Planking, Owling, JibJabbing!

Everyone has jumped on board the planking craze – lying face down with your arms by your sides like a wooden plank, taking a picture & sharing it online. This week Tom Green claimed he began the trend in 1994, so of course a few of us wanted to try it out in and around the […]

The Elephant Remains!

Ever hear the phrase, the elephant in the room?  Here at JibJab our high ceilings and various suites make for a neat setting to work, but bad for air circulation.  For years this has been the elephant in the room as everyone toiled away sweating through the summer months without complaints.  To bring comfort back during record […]

MLB Final Vote Nominees In “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” Videos!

This summer we have teamed up with Major League Baseball to bring baseball fans everywhere a chance to appear in a fun animated video singing the famous seventh inning stretch song “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” in their favorite team uniform. In honor of MLB’s annual Final Vote ballot (now in it’s 10th […]

CNR available on Weird Al’s Latest Album!

All the way back in August of 2009, we teamed up with Weird Al to produce the first music video that you can star in!  As you know we now have a great collection of musical everyday fun videos you can cast yourself into, even some with famous tracks. So why are we bringing this […]