Monthly Archives: August 2011

Studio Snooping

Our studio is rarely empty. On any given day during the week (and sometimes weekends too!) you can find artists in there working on a new video, creating puppets, painting, drawing a live model or even working on personal projects after work. However, from now until mid-September, our studio will be mostly off limits due […]

Formal Friday

It’s a wonder what a last minute email can inspire! Thursday afternoon, one of our rock star summer interns sent an email to the JibJab team, coupled with a bribe… Dear sir or madam, Did you know that most companies have “Casual Friday”? Here at JibJab though, it seems like everyday is Casual Friday. So […]

New Birthday eCards!

We’ve added a bunch of new Birthday eCards for you, JibJab Members, to send to your friends! You can find them here & check ’em out below.  Not a member?  Sign up today for only a buck a month! Beating Myself Up Cash in eCards Doctor Approved Treat Yourself 

The Drawing Cult

As you know we have the best artists around creating the best videos and eCards for you to send.  Every Thursday night some of them get together to sketch each other and to add to the building decore we decided to display them on a wall near the entrance of our work space.  Check out […]

Today is International Beer Day!

Today is International Beer Day.  On this day we are VERY pleased to announce that our bottle cap collection has reached capacity!! Check out this picture from last summer of the water bottle not even nearly half full.  With our awesome beer fridge and Starring You mugs, we can only hope the international community will one day understand that EVERY day is Beer Day! Will you celebrate with a beer?  Use this free eCard […]

Got Animator’s Block? Pop a Wheelie to Cure It!

We caught one of our fantastic animators, Kurt, doing something strange in the hallway today…popping a wheelie! He said he had a little bit of animator’s block and needed to test his balance to get himself back on track. Want to ride like Kurt? Cast yourself in this BMX postable and enjoy the half pipe!