Monthly Archives: September 2011

The Autumn Nook

Whenever there is a major holiday or seasonal shift, our production team takes the opportunity to do a little more of something we all love: eat! But we don’t just do it for one day, we spend an entire week devoting ourselves to this fun pastime. In fact, we created a secret space to house […]

Meet the Dancers – German Polka!

As much as our team loves to dress up in costume and dance in front of the camera, for our new German Polka video we knew we had to hire the real deal. At first the task was a bit daunting. How would we find genuine German Polka dancers here in Los Angeles? Luckily after […]

Busy Summers, eCard Showers

The forecast for today: new content! We hope you’ve got an umbrella handy, because it’s going to be pouring eCards all day! The storm has been brewing all summer. Artists have been working around the clock to get funny stuff made, and now we’re left with buckets and buckets of new videos for your viewing […]

JibJab Jr. Launches!

Last week we finally got to show the world our brand new baby – the JibJab Jr. storybook app for kids! We hope your kids are enjoying it as much as our kids! When we built JibJab Jr. Books, we really wanted it to be about reading stories together with your kids, so they’re not […]