The Pilgrim Song – Early Designs

Our new Starring You video for Thanksgiving is a wacky rendition of the story of how the Pilgrims first discovered America.  We were really impressed by some of the funny concept art that was used so we decided to check in with one of our artists, Romney, the director of the video, to see some of his early designs:

Pilgrim Sketch Drawing

Early sketch of some of The Pilgrim Song

Pilgrim Sketch

See the progression from pencil to paint!

Early Sketches

Here is the first sketch of Plymouth Rock.

Plymouth Rock

And here is the final product of Plymouth Rock!

Scene Sketches

The creative Process

The Final Product

The final product.

Pretty cool right? So what are you waiting for; make like a PILGRIM & cast yourself and four friends in this hearty tale!


  1. Pat
    Posted November 24, 2011 at 8:30 pm | Permalink

    It’s a really cute Thanksgiving card… which is why I spent so much time working on it to send to my family.

    It’s 10:29 PM on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, November 24,2011.

    Why has no one received my card yet???????? (I sent one to myself because I am often surprise at how long it takes for anyone to respond.)

    Very disappointing.

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