Monthly Archives: February 2012

JibJabbers Play Kickball!

Recently some of us got together and formed a team under the WAKA (World Adult Kickball Association) league, an awesome organization that brings everyone together to play kickball, win some games and mingle at a bar afterwards (we’re guessing that’s why most people play). Not familiar with kickball? It is a loose combination of soccer and baseball. We are team “Team” […]

GIF Off 3.0

Every once in a while, when we need a good laugh & a challenge, we hold a GIF contest. The ‘GIF OFF’ is a weeklong competition in which participants create daily themed animated images. Each day we all vote to see which one is our favorite and at the end of the week when all the […]

Behind the Scenes of Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe

After racking our brains for romantic locations for our new Starring You Valentine’s Day eCard, we decided what better place to bring a date than a roller skating rink. We scouted around Los Angeles and found Moonlight Rollerway, a classic rink with some disco flare. Not only did we have the chance to get away from the […]

Super Bowl Sunday Snacks!

Superbowl Sunday involves a lot of snack eating and beer drinking for everybody, even if you don’t like football. As you already know, we love our snacks and beers here so we decided to ask the team what kind of fun snacks they will be enjoying this Sunday. Check out some fun recipes below…  Buffalo […]

Putting Our Old Equipment Towards a Great Cause!

After our big office remodel in the beginning of the year, we realized we had a lot of unused computers and wanted to donate them.  Luckily we found a fantastic local charity, Komputers 4 R Kids! The organization focuses on providing computers to children in the Southern California area and educating the kids on how to repair, refurbish […]