Monthly Archives: January 2013

New eCard – Smiling Streaker

In our newest eCard, Smiling Streaker, you can say Happy Birthday to that special someone and help to put a smile on their face, or wherever. We got to talk more with the animator, Marty Cooper, about this naughty eCard. What kind of shoes do you imagine the streaker is wearing? -This streaker is wearing […]

Beauty is Embarrassing

Our team of artists, technologists and business people strive to be creative and innovative.  Recently, to gain inspiration we watched the documentary, Beauty is Embarrassing, a film about the creative path that Wayne White and his wife, Mimi Pond, have chosen to take in life.  The documentary follows Wayne through his trials and tribulations of doing what he loves for […]

New eCard-A Little Birdie Told Me

In our newest eCard, A Little Birdie Told Me, we see what happens when one little bird gets a little too excited about a birthday. We spoke more with the director of eCards, Jeff, to find out about the artist and idea behind the card. 1) How did you come up with the concept for […]

Calling All Animators & Fans Alike – LoopdeLoop!

This January JibJab has teamed up with LoopdeLoop, a monthly animation challenge originating in Australia, to bring the competition to the U.S., specifically to Los Angeles! LoopdeLoop L.A. is now accepting submissions of short animated loops based on the most appropriate theme for Los Angeles: HOLLYWOOD. An exception panel of celebrities will be judging the loops and […]

New eCard – Sign Spinner Birthday

Have you ever seen a person flipping and spinning signs advertising things like ‘We Buy Gold’ or ‘$5 Pizza’ on busy street corners? In our new birthday eCard, Sign Spinner Birthday, the spin artist let’s everyone know it’s their birthday! We got to talk with SurfMonkey a bit about filming this new Starring You eCard. 1) Where did […]