New JibJab eCards for Easter and nostalgic New Wave fun!

Hello, countless JibJab Blog readers! As usual, it’s been too long since we’ve updated, but this time we have a couple blockbuster cards to make it worth your while!

Ready to hatch some Easter fun? Casting five in the ever-popular Chicken Dance is all it’s cracked up to be!


Easter has come and gone this year, but our Chicken Dance card also has a standard dance variety coming soon that can be used any time of the year you want to make someone laugh, laugh, laugh! Be on the look out!


Totally Devo-ted to ‘80s nostalgia? Whip your craving good by casting 5 in this iconic New Wave classic!


We also have a snazzy birthday version of “Whip It” for any of your Devo-tee pals about to celebrate another spin around this big ol’ blue marble we call Earth!





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