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JibJab Unleashes 2008 Year In Review

From Sarah Palin to Miley Cyrus – No One is Safe from the Twisted Minds at JibJab!

Venice, CA – December 23, 2008 – The online comedy pioneers at JibJab released their fourth annual year in review today, recapping the madness of 2008 in their trademark animated musical style. The video premiered on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’, marking the company’s twelfth world premiere on the program.

Set to the schoolyard rhyme, “Miss Susie Had a Steamboat”, Baby New Year 2008 warns his 2009 successor about the madness of humanity with lyrics that come dangerously close to being wildly inappropriate, without ever crossing the line:

“…And Jesse Jackson threatened to cut off Obama’s – Nut jobs made a big foot, and Spitzer’s friend turned tricks. Duchovny went to rehab ‘cuz he couldn’t control his- Dick (Cheney) needed a kick-start…”

“There was no shortage of material for this year’s video,” said JibJab co-founder Evan Spiridellis. “While 2008 was undoubtedly a tough year, our goal was to frame it in a way that helps spread some laughs.”

The video is available for free viewing online at

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