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JibJab Goes Hadouken on the Web!

Internet trends come and go; with planking, the harlem shake and owling. But now the Hadouken craze is taking over the internet and JibJab. This Street Fighter move has taken to the streets. No time to make your own? Star in one today! You can cast up to 5 friends (or enemies, or frien-emies) HERE. It’s […]


The time has come for our biannual GIF OFF to stir up a few inner office laughs! The GIF OFF is a week long animated GIF competition in which competitors create daily themed images. Each day we all vote to see which one is our favorite, and at the end of the week when all the […]

Planking, Owling, JibJabbing!

Everyone has jumped on board the planking craze – lying face down with your arms by your sides like a wooden plank, taking a picture & sharing it online. This week Tom Green claimed he began the trend in 1994, so of course a few of us wanted to try it out in and around the […]