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  • This one goes out to all the moms out there…

    11 days until Mother’s Day and our design team has their nose to the grindstone, filling up our Mother’s Day category with pictures and videos that a wide variety of moms will appreciate.  Most of our new videos are up, and this week you’ll be seeing a mess of new pictures go live.  Justin is pictured […]

  • Kicking the Fiesta Off Early

    You may remember a few months back when we posted some pictures up from our shoot with the highly talented traditional Mexican folk dancers of the La Fonda restaurant. Now their skills can be yours, as we’ve launched a new Starring You dance in honor of Cinco De Mayo We’re really proud of how well […]

  • Feast on our new Easter and Passover stuff!

    We’re bouncing with excitement, and it’s not just due to the massive amounts of jelly beans we’ve eaten… no we’re super psyched after launching our new content for Easter and Passover!  Our subscribers now have access to some pretty cool stuff, from singing eggs and talking Da Vinci paintings to Jewish rappers and Red Sea […]

  • April Foolishness

    We’ve added a whole lot of fun to the site over the past few days and there are a few things we just had to let you know about!  For one, our wildly popular Chippendales Starring You! dance is now available apart from Christmas and Valentine’s Day.  In just a few days over 50,000 of […]

  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    Before we all get drinking tonight, we thought we might want to share a funny piece of production art from our Leprechaun Bailout video. Don’t print this out, the bank won’t cash it! If you haven’t wished your favorite people a Happy St. Paddy’s Day yet, now is your last chance until next beer!  Er, […]

  • Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day!

    Where did we get those conning leprechauns for our Leprechaun Bailout video?  Look no further than the JibJab offices!  Here we have our two test subjects, employees Owen Waring and Corey Shiffman.   Add a few freckles and throw in some red hair, and you’ve got that classic leprechaun look! You’ve got to be careful […]

  • Brand New Baby eCard for Brand New Babies!

    In our drunken St. Patrick’s day rush we almost forgot to show off our latest in the way of baby eCards! We birthed this little guy just last week. Aww, he has our eyes! Go ahead and send this lil eCard to all those unsuspecting expecting parents out there, they’ll love it more than babies […]

  • We’re Feeling Lucky!

    Three cheers!  A brand new slew of eCards have hit the site in honor of the luckiest date on the calendar, March 17th, AKA St. Patrick’s Day!  So lift up your glasses of green beer and champagne to raise a toast, then head on over to the site and check them out!