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Katy Perry Becomes Part of JibJab

Looking for a new, FREE, fun Starring You video? How about one set to a number one song on Billboard ‘s special The 30 Summer Songs of All Time list? And one you can appear in alongside international pop superstar, Katy Perry? Well, look no further than and cast yourself and friends in Katy Perry’s California Gurls music video! […]

JibJab Meets Mad Men

We’re huge fans of Mad Men here at JibJab and when AMC approached us about adapting the last three seasons of the series into a minute-long recap with a JibJab twist, we jumped on the opportunity.  Now Mad Men Starring You is live on our site, with the ability to cast yourself as Mad Men […]

At the YouTube Roundtable

As amazing the Los Angeles area is for finding and working with talent, it isn’t known for being the hub of all things internet related. That distinction goes to the cities surrounding the San Francisco bay, and we are constantly traveling that way to attend conferences and discuss innovations in the online world so that […]

You Got Your JibJab in my Facebook!

Huzzah!  We’ve been building up to this moment for months and now we’re happy to announce that JibJab pictures and videos have hit the Facebook Gift store, allowing the world to oh-so-easily post videos from our massive library to your friends Facebook walls on birthdays, holidays or whenever!  You may have read about it last […]

JibJabbing on Jimmy Fallon with Weird Al!

Tune into Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tomorrow, Wednesday the 28th and catch Weird Al Yankovic’s live performance of CNR!  Its the first, or one of the first live performances of the song and we’re really excited to hear it, plus it doesn’t hurt that they’ll be playing the JibJab music video behind Al’s performance!  […]