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Founding Fathers’ Rap 2010




Morning Show Rap Attack

JibJab Lets You Rap with the Founding Fathers for the 4th of July

Independence Day Rap: JibJab Celebrates the 4th of July

Must-See Independence Day Video: Founding Fathers Rap 2010

JibJab: Founding Fathers ‘shout it out’ for their Independence!


Jib Jab’s Founding Fathers Rap

Founding Fathers’ Rap

‘Founding Fathers’ Rap 2010: JibJab gives an Independence Day Honor like no other [VIDEO]

Fourth of July JibJab

Founding Fathers ‘Kick Brit Ass’ In Rap

Independence Day Rap: JibJab Celebrates 4th Of July (VIDEO)

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“Well, if JibJab’s latest diversion isn’t enough to get you in the three-day weekend spirit…”

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